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Cast & Crew, Adam's Take

It was by complete coincidence that I thought of writing this now, when Adam is 13 months old, so it is quite amusing comparing the list to Emily's 13 month list. Amusing, and so very similar! They are completely different characters, and yet at this specific age, there are certain toys they have both been drawn to. Of course, there are some differences. Here is Adam's Cast & Crew list:

Anything with wheels is right up there in Adam's books. And I literally mean anything. He will turn doll buggies upside down to inspect their wheels. He will whine and whine to touch car wheels (real, big, dirty-wheeled cars, not toy ones). But it's not cars he's crazy about, it's specifically wheels. He is happy to sit for ages inspecting his ELC Motor Town cars (which sadly don't seem to be available any longer!), spinning, spinning, spinning the wheels. He now also pushes little cars around the room, especially around the dining room - he likes circling the table. But "wheels" also extends to steering wheels. He has a Little Tikes roadster which he loves to be pushed around in - but it's that steering wheel that's most important. He even holds it like he's been driving for years!

Bop and Go Alien
Look who it is!! A little worse for wear, but still going strong, and I've only changed his batteries once since I last wrote about him! But I am quite heartbroken to report he is no longer available to buy (not unless you find some old stock still available anyway). Adam LOVES Bop the Alien, slams his head to make him move, and then chases him around the floor like it's going out of fashion. Might hold on to this one for the grandkids! Ha!

ELC Activity Triangle and IKEA Bead Roller Coaster
He seems to have a technical mind. Have I already mentioned this? He loves playing with these little beads and spinning things.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Activity Table
This toy makes a comeback! Adam is so much taller than Emily was at his age and it was due to this table that I really began to appreciate that! The main attraction of the table for Adam is the spinning "bowl" in the middle of the table, because it doubles as a steering wheel and we've already established that he loves wheels. So yeah. Plus it's got a NANA on it, which makes him very happy. He hasn't yet tried to eat it.

Mickey Mouse and several soft toys!
Adam is a snuggler. He adores soft toys and anything cuddly. But give him an option and Mickey Mouse will win every time. He is thrilled to bits when he so much as lays eyes on Mickey, and has this week begun snuggling him at night. We are already at a stage where, if Mickey isn't in Adam's cot at bedtime, David and I run all over looking for him!

Adam is also very happy leafing through books quietly, and organising. He is a good organiser. He loves reorganising toy tubs, or moving things from one bowl to another (I handed him a bag of oranges and a bowl the other day which kept him busy for ages!) He will readily pick up toys once he's ready from playing with them, and if he doesn't then I can ask him to and he will. He will often get everything back out again once he's done, but we have time to work on that!!

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  1. I like the title hehe. Adam's cast and crew. Good stuff ;)