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Wedding Day: A Trip Down Memory Lane

With the Royal Wedding happening today, and me being a sucker for weddings and any opportunity to revisit my wedding photos, here's a bit of a trip down memory lane. I don't think I'd ever actually shared more than one wedding picture with you all, so here are a few of my favourites.











Ah. Good times.

first image: my dad
all others: Rene Rossignaud]

Baby Equipment Reviews - Part 1

I quite like sharing little notes about my experience of products, and when it comes to the big purchases involved when preparing for a baby, the amount of money spent and thought put into everything, it makes me want to do it all the more. So here are a few personal review notes based on my experience of these products:

Mothercare Spin Travel System
We spent weeks if not months trying to decide what travel system we would buy. Initially we were going to buy one of the Graco systems but changed our minds at the last minute due to weight and bulk even when collapsed. More research later, we settled on the Spin, and never looked back.

It's not the lightest of travel systems (but then again none of them really are!), but it folds down quite small, and you have the additional option of removing the wheels to make it smaller.

The pram becomes the pushchair, meaning there's no additional bit to store away once the baby's grown out of it. I especially liked that part.

The basket is a very good size and easily accessible. Wheels are big and sturdy (The cobbled roads in our neighbourhood needed to be kept in mind).

We went for the special edition black jacquard, but the other colours available at the time (green and orange) were also really lovely. I didn't particularly fancy the silver version - bit too space-age for my liking.

The feature that gives the Spin it's name is extremely handy in that you are able, with a simple twist of the handlebar, to change the direction the baby is facing. This has come in handy especially in tight spaces such as restaurants. Instead of turning the entire pushchair around, you leave it where it is and spin the seat. See the video for a more accurate explanation.

The one downside to the Spin is the brake. It's slightly flimsy and doesn't always do what it's meant to do. During my research prior to making our decision, this was the one issue many people had as far as I could read. When I mentioned it to the salesperson at Mothercare, I was told that the issue had been addressed and the brake no longer plays up. But it does, and I've heard from two friends I know who also own a Spin that they have the same issue with the brake. It's not a deal breaker - you quickly learn how to work around it, it's just annoying.

Ultimately there seems to be no such thing as the perfect travel system. What seemed to work best for us was to make a list of qualities in a pram/pushchair that were most important to us and then try and find something that ticked most boxes. In the end, we found the travel system that was right for us and I'd choose the Spin again if I had to make the decision afresh. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with it and really do enjoy being out and about with it.

[Further Notes]

BabyBjorn Classic Baby Carrier
This has been an absolute lifesaver at times. Good support for your back and adjustable straps for different users. It's pretty simple to put baby into and out of once you know how and Emily absolutely loves it. We've often used it just around the house - I've cooked dinner and done laundry with Emily thanks to the BabyBjorn. It can be used inward and outward facing (outward only once baby can hold her head up herself) and is an all-round winner. Treat yourself or find one on ebay - some way, own one.

Foam Bath Support
I was given this by a friend and it's become one of my "basics at bathtime." I bathe Emily in the bathtub so this is really great to avoid her slipping around in there. If you're planning on bathing baby in your regular tub, this comes highly recommended! Available in various shapes in several shops.

That's all for now. More to come soon.

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Half a Decade

Five years ago today David and I left Malta for the UK. I won't repeat myself but refer you to the post I wrote two years ago for details. It's a big big day for us and thus deserves to be marked. We've come a long way, grown and changed. Overcome so many obstacles and gained so many wonderful experiences. Got married, made ourselves a home, had a child. Sure it's been more of a challenge than doing it with the constant support of family and close friends, but we're so much closer for it.

[Us back in 2006]

To the next five years! :-)

A Lifetime

Tomorrow Emily will be 11 weeks old. It's a short, short life so far and yet, she's already come so far. She's begun reaching for her toys, sometimes even manages to grab at them (especially her Sophie Giraffe). She's chattering more, smiles at practically anyone who gives her the slightest bit of attention. She now weighs 13lbs or 5.88kg, has moved up a level in bottle teats, and two in nappies!

And she's teething. My sweet, happy baby is breaking my heart with her pained cries, biting down on her hands and my knuckles with all her might, looking at me as though to beg for help and all I can do, realistically, is cuddle her through it. Sure, baby painkillers and teething gels have been administered, but it doesn't make the pain stay away. My heart shatters into a million pieces every time she cries.


Being Thankful

On Saturday we held a Thanksgiving ceremony for Emily. A little occasion to give thanks for this amazing life that has begun, a day shared with dear ones.

To my wonderful 9-week-old Emily:

You are amazing. You fill me and your Daddy with so much happiness, our lives will never be the same as they were before the 28th January, nor would we want them to be. You thrill us every day, watching the latest thing you learn to do, discovering new things every day, trying out facial expressions, sounds, touch.

You are demanding and impatient yet your smile lights up the room. You are sweet and I already know you are kind and caring. You look at us with total adoration, a feeling completely reciprocated. We love you so much we might just burst.

Last Saturday as many of our friends enjoyed baby cuddles, I found myself missing you even though you were right there. Holding you and keeping you close is worth the backache, armache, late lunches, one-handed chores. If it were possible, I'd just never let you go.

We love you with all our heart. And then some more x