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Adam's Cake

Back to Adam's birthday for a little while. So I decided I'd be making the cake myself.

I'm not sure what chemical I'd been inhaling when I made that decision. Had I forgotten that two days earlier, there'd be packers once again turning my life upside down... and two days later, we'd be moving half way across the world?

Probably. That, or I am genuinely delusional and think I'm Superwoman.

I'm no Superwoman, but I will say this... The cake was far from perfect. It was actually quite messy. But when you consider that it was baked with most of my baking tools already en route to Dubai, it really could have been worse.

It was a red velvet cake and it tasted good. And sitting down to make the cake and that bunting for my little boy was just what I needed at the time. It made me sit down and focus. My thoughts weren't about packing, or how overweight we'd be on the 3rd March, or what had I forgotten to take note of. For a beautiful couple of hours, I sat down and forgot about it all. I was focused entirely on my creation.

And I am so pleased with it and with the way the bunting turned out. Not just because it looked cute (I won't go into how the M flag shouldn't have been a dark colour), but because it was evidence that during a week when my world was turning into a whirlwind yet again, I found the time to stop and make something pretty.


  1. Oooh creative !! The cake looks great ta. it looks like a red velvet cake and hey if it tasted good then nothing else matters :)

  2. I think it looks pretty professional :) You've done a far better job than I could've done. It looks great - I love red velvet cake!