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Twenty Seven Candles

I can't believe how little I've updated this month. I don't think I've ever slacked so much! Then again, it's difficult to keep up the updates when I'm away most of the month. I can't say I'm complaining - it's good to have a break from everything sometimes.

This week in Malta has been good to me. I've done lots of relaxing, bonding with my siblings and parents, just generally chilling out with them, some friends, some reading, lots of sleeping, a massage, barely any photos! I miss hubby but some time apart won't do us any harm either. I can't wait to see him!

And with a great week, 26 comes to an end. My birthday this year promises to be entirely different from last year. I deserve a good birthday, if I do say so myself!

It may be childlike, but I am very excited for 27...!

positively, cgw

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  1. Happy birthday!

    Mistake: You already finished your 27th year and you are now starting your 28th year. Remember that in your first year of life you were still 0! So at 27 years you have lived a complete 27 years and starting your 28th

    Nerdy I know :P

  2. lol yeah i know, but saying 27th year sounds like i'm turning 28!

    thank you! x

  3. Oh Yay, Happy birthday!!! xxx Katy

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

  5. Have a very happy birthday! It is always good to take time for yourself and do absolutly nothing! Hope the rest of your week is just as wonderful!

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm turning 27 on Sunday!

  7. hurrah! 27 is usually good to people I know...

  8. welcome to your twenty-seventh year! i thought i would be sad to say goodbye to my early/mid-twenties, but so far 27 has been blast of fun :-D hello late-twenties!

  9. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    I was very glad a few weeks back when my 31st year ended and my 32nd began.
    The last month has possibly been the happiest I have been for a long long time.... but I'm not quite all there yet..

  10. I have a few things for you on my blog :o)

  11. Happy Birthday. Hope your R&R in Malta filled your batteries.

  12. thank you all for your lovely messages! xxxx