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Finger Paints and Play Doh

I am still not driving here in Dubai (patience is wearing thin...) so some days, we have no choice but to entertain ourselves at home. In fairness, there is PLENTY for the kids to do. We have kitted out an entire playground for them in the garden - only problem now being that it is already too hot by 10am to really spend much time outdoors. 

So Emily asked for some Play Doh and I thought I might give Adam another go with finger paints. 

This was the result...

More paint inside his mouth than on the paper and he really wasn't impressed by any of it, so that ended rather quickly. He then spent twenty minutes playing with the tubs of paint. Fair play.

Meanwhile, Emily made little Play Doh cakes.


  1. Brilliant! Well done...ohhh would love to enjoy some heat is either rubbish cold or sun with cold wind. Might have to come and visit in the summer...wouldn't that be amazing...sadly don't think its possible but one day....

    1. It would be AMAZING to see you here someday - but if you do come, don't come in Summer, it'll be way too hot. Anytime between October to March would be perfect... Just something to keep in mind! xx