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This kid!

Such a charmer, so cheeky, so smart. He could get away with murder with that smile.

He is inquisitive. He wants to know everything. He wants to know how things work. He will be the kid taking things apart to see how to put them back together again. He will press, turn, twist, open, close. He especially loves anything with wheels. He will spin and spin and spin them, and then try and get a closer look at how they're connected. He'll make them turn fast, then slow, and he'll push things around the room to see how they move and how far they'll take him.

He also loves anything with a stick, but especially if it is a broom or a brush. He will try and sweep the floor from a sitting position. And then he'll hand you the broom (or anything really) and wait for you to say "Thank you, Adam!" and he'll giggle, giddy with pride and pleasure.

He can be exasperating and is sometimes rough and very obviously doesn't understand his own strength, but he is an affectionate one. He loves cuddles and hands them out generously. Then also a sensitive little soul. He now knows when he is being told off and gets very upset. His bottom lip will quiver for ages while he struggles to contain the emotion.

Language is coming along well. He points at everything and says "there!" and he quacks whenever he sees a duck ("Ka! Ka!"), and signs fish and says "sshhh" (lots of dribble and spluttering included) when he sees a fish. He loves animals. He has taken to calling anything edible "nana" because he loves bananas and could eat them all day long. So bananas are "nana", milk is "nana", water is "nana", food in general is "nana". He calls himself "Dada" (yeah, bit confusing that one), so when he's hungry he shouts "DADA NANA! DADA NANA!" until we do something about it. (He is hungry all the time so this is pretty much a day-long thing.)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat are his very favourite songs, and he does "actions" to tell us he wants us to sing to him. He twirls his hands around for Twinkle Twinkle, and moves backwards and forwards for Row Row Row. He'll beam at you once you start to sing.

Mickey Mouse still holds his heart and his Mickey soft toy gets the biggest cuddles any toy has ever had.

I only wish Adam had more patience to be read to. He loves books, and he will happily sit and leaf through picture books alone in a corner (I remember Emily doing this), but he has no patience for sitting on my lap while I read a book. He'll barely sit long enough to get through a picture book. He will grab the book and impatiently turn the pages, until he finds the one he wants: inevitably, a cat, or a bird, or a duck. "Ka! Ka! Ka!"

And then he's happy.

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  1. think that's a boy thing! They tend to see the bigger picture as in not stop and take every little detail in as some girls do. Its frustrating isn't it especially when you have two kids and they are so different yet so similar? My boys are so different but now when Zac is at this copy Reuben phase I find myself marvel at similarities. I think you are an amazing mum you have two gorgeous kids and your life seems cheering you on from here go go lovely girl! Mxxx