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Little Drummer Girl

We always knew Emily loved music. Her response to it when she was "inside" was always amazing (remember her 22-week scan?!). So it only made sense that music would come in handy when trying to get her to sleep.

I put on some Norah Jones, thinking something quiet would encourage relaxation.

I couldn't have been more wrong. David came to the rescue (she was howling and doing an excellent job of resisting sleep) and put on some Five for Fighting. She was asleep within a few songs.

Coincidence, you say?

He played the same songs a few nights in a row - and got the same reaction. He also noticed that the quieter songs are the ones that make her restless. The kid loves a good drumbeat! (And it's got to be LOUD!)

She also loves Jai Ho off the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. And the latest, the Chicago soundtrack. She was fast asleep by the end of All That Jazz.

There'll be no classic "bedtime CDs" for this baby then! I'll be trying some tribal music next...

PS She's 4 weeks today!


  1. Gosh, four weeks already!
    My Little Man used to go to sleep to anything from Mozart to Johnny Cash! It's great when they can sleep through noise, it comes in very handy when you're out and about.

  2. happy monthlybirthday dear emily! i laughed out loud when i read she likes jai ho! :-D

  3. She's beautiful :-)

    My daughter, also named Emily, is an accomplished musician (pianist, saxophonist, bassoonist, and pretty much dabbler in any musical instrument). I knew she had a passion for music before she was born based on her in utero movements, although people said I was nuts. Once she was born, I was proven right.

    Please do everything you can to nurture your Emily's love of music ... music has given my Emily's life incredible richness.

  4. Woop @ Emily's taste in music!!
    LOVE it!! xx

  5. how cute is that!? and that picture is oh, so sweet!

  6. she is absolutely adorable. congratulations!

  7. At least you've found a trick to get her to sleep ;).

    The photo is totally adorable :))

  8. Jerry likes Lady gaga and ABBA :D

  9. I love this! You may have a little rock star on your hands! She is just SO precious looking!

  10. That's fantastic! She's going to be a little thrill seeker. :)

    Much love!