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When Adam Turned One

Adam's birthday was celebrated over a couple of weeks. We threw a little party for him in Malta before we moved to Dubai, because we wanted to celebrate with friends and family there.

The party was scheduled for two days before we moved. As you can imagine, it was utter chaos, so the Mickey Mouse theme for the party (his beloved Mickey!!) was lost in it all slightly, and I still have most of the decorations, unused, in a little bag! 

It didn't matter, of course. It was a good excuse to catch up with everyone before we left and of course we also held Adam's quccija that day! Here are some snaps from the party.

Ask Adam "How old are you?" and this is what you get!

He crawled up to the tray with no hesitation whatsoever, and picked...

...a whiteboard marker, indicating that he may be a teacher of sorts when he grows up!
(the one profession we forgot to represent in Emily's tray!)

When we arrived in Dubai, every weekend was spent running errands, meaning the kids were stuck in buggies or trolleys, and they were entirely unimpressed. Adam's birthday was kept clear of anything like that. It was the one day those first few weeks during which we ran no errands. 

Instead, we went to Safa Park. We'd not been there before and had heard it was beautiful - and it was. The kids had a blast, and Adam discovered sand!

A couple of weeks later. we organised a cake smash photo shoot for Adam, but I'll write more about that once I have the photos to show you! (Very excited about it too!)

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