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The Case of the Missing Keys

Despite the holidays, my mind is having a rough time getting back into work-mode. What with all the new things I've learnt at work (and I've very genuinely learnt them - got back from 10 days in Malta and hadn't forgotten a single thing!!! *proud*), I'm suffering with the little everyday things.

...............What did I walk into this room for?
....Why do I have this book in my hand?
.........What was I about to say?
.........................Where are my keys?

The answer to that last one, my dears, is MALTA! I forgot my UK house keys in Malta!

A few hours into the flight - we were already somewhere over France - I suddenly realised that I hadn't heard them jingling about in my bag recently. Cue mad search through the bag on the plane. Nothing. David tried too (while I sat there thinking 'I may be forgetting things but I'm not going blind too and if you dare find them in that bag, I'm going to lose it!' - He didn't)

Once we landed, I called home. Sure enough - they were hanging with the rest of the keys in my parents' house in Malta. Luckily, my sister is currently on holiday there and she'll be bringing them back for me for a hopeful handover at the weekend. Until then, I've claimed hubby's keys as my own which means I get to greet him at the door every evening :)

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Twenty Seven Candles

I can't believe how little I've updated this month. I don't think I've ever slacked so much! Then again, it's difficult to keep up the updates when I'm away most of the month. I can't say I'm complaining - it's good to have a break from everything sometimes.

This week in Malta has been good to me. I've done lots of relaxing, bonding with my siblings and parents, just generally chilling out with them, some friends, some reading, lots of sleeping, a massage, barely any photos! I miss hubby but some time apart won't do us any harm either. I can't wait to see him!

And with a great week, 26 comes to an end. My birthday this year promises to be entirely different from last year. I deserve a good birthday, if I do say so myself!

It may be childlike, but I am very excited for 27...!

positively, cgw

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L'Anniversario #1

Today a year ago, it all happened. Everything I had ever wished for came together and came true.* It hasn't been an easy year since October 2008. If anything, more things went wrong this year than in any other year. But we are good together. We adore each other's company, never tire of it; we make each other laugh, and left alone, we're just a couple of lovestruck teenagers. We've kept each other afloat, strong, and looking forward.