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Baby Boy Sighting

How could I forget?

We had our 22 week scan last week! Here is Baby Boy...

He is doing very well, estimated to weigh about a pound and a half, hands constantly up by his face. And very much a boy. (Phew!)

Placenta is low-lying which may eventually prove to be a problem if it stays that way. Despite the sonographer telling me not to worry about it because it will probably move up by full term, I did of course worry for a while (and then consulted Dr Google... big mistake!), but pretty much over it now. However this little boy will need to be born, as long as both me and him are ok to enjoy newborn snuggles afterwards, I'll deal with it. Get me! ;)

Hanging Out with Emily

There are a series of picture folders on my hard drive that are called "Hanging out with Emily." They are not photos of events or anything in particular. They are pictures of everyday moments that happen when we're just hanging around the house and I have my camera handy. Very often, they make for the best photos. They are also, I am sure, the photos that will eventually trigger those memories that may otherwise be forgotten - which right now, when we are preparing to leave a whole life behind, seems quite significant.

Here are some we took today.

(her very favourite spot)


There are many things that scare me about the upcoming move. The list is so long, I won't even try and go into it. Much of it can't even be understood, it's subjective and short of anyone having been in this exact situation themselves (moving country two months before having a baby, and what are technically three house moves happening within six months), I don't even expect anyone to understand. It's just not possible.

But there's one little thing that keeps nagging at my mind. I am going to need to share Emily. Part of me feels like this will mean I won't be as special to her any longer, I won't be her Mummy the way I am now - her everything. There are going to be other people - those same people we want her to be able to have in her life - who, whether they mean to or not, are going to take away small pieces of what I have with her.

And although I know this is the way life works, and more importantly I know it will be good for her, it also absolutely terrifies me.

Half Baked

Sunday was the 20-week point in my pregnancy. I'm not quite sure where the last ten weeks have gone. Last I remember, I was thinking to myself that it was all going very slowly and I had no idea what everyone meant when they said second pregnancies flew past. And then it happened.

I still cannot believe how lucky I got this time round. When I think that by this point last pregnancy, I had had to stop working and I was still constantly nauseous and desperately lacking energy.

This time, I still sometimes forget I'm pregnant. Sure, my bump is getting pretty huge and Squiggle makes his presence felt a lot, but when he's quiet I can forget. Energy levels are good until after dinner, there's no nausea, and even the hip pain that had set in properly by this time with Emily is only just starting to creep in.

Having said that, he's not often quiet. Since I hit week 18, the movement has been almost constant. I already know his sleeping patterns (and if they remain this way, God help me), and as of this weekend, David has been able to feel the kicks too. For those not in the know, it is still insanely early in the pregnancy for that to be happening!

The downside to this pregnancy has been - and remains - the heartburn. I have never known pain like it, and it feels ridiculous to refer to it as pain, but there's no other word. It engulfs my entire being, and even my beloved Peptac only works for 15 minutes if I'm lucky. But this too shall pass.

Meanwhile I am already hopelessly excited to meet my little boy, and what with all that's coming my way in the next four months, I don't think it will feel like forever before it does happen!

Rochester in the Autumn

I will miss Rochester. Especially in the Autumn. 

If I'm honest, I'll miss Autumn generally. Malta has two seasons: Summer (lots of it), and a short Winter. There's no Autumn and only a very vague hint of Spring (which I have probably come to know as the UK's version of Summer). Pictures like these will have a special place in my heart soon enough.


I escaped for a quick shower. She wanted a tissue. 

She helped herself to the box.

I walked back in, she looked up guiltily.

"Oh goodness!" she said.

Organised Chaos

I've been busy. All my spare time has recently been spent on ebay. Box upon box of girls' clothes being listed to sell. I have spent so much time sorting through these boxes I even dream about how best to go about organising it all. I woke up on Monday feeling like a genius because, in a dream, I came up with the best way to do it. Insane, I tell you.

But it is with great pleasure that I can now say the boxes have gone from this:

(all girls' clothes to sort through)

to this:

Now, you may say there's not much difference (and I can see what you'd mean). Oh but there is! The boxes in the second picture contain no girls' clothes whatsoever (save for one box which is full of summer clothes that I will ebay off closer to summer), and I know that all I have left to ebay off are three moderately sized heaps of clothes (one of which can be seen in the last picture). 

So my head feels more organised. 

Yes I am a lunatic.