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My Pact with the Snow

It's snowing in the UK. And typically, everything has ground to a halt. Trains are majorly delayed, most deliveries have been cancelled, even the postman never turned up today. You'd think that after the amount of snow that fell last winter, and the lack of grit and readiness generally (anyone in Canada, Eastern Europe and other snow-ready countries, you may mock), things would be better this time round. But instead, things have ground to a halt even earlier. My guess is that the powers that be simply woke up, looked out of the window, saw snow, and said "Well, it's all going to fall apart at some point anyway - why bother?" Lovely.

Having said that, no personal plans have yet been cancelled (tomorrow will be a different story, I suspect). And although many people might curse me, I've quietly asked the snow to steer clear of late January/early February. Going into labour and being snowed in are not two things that ideally go together in my book, so if it really must snow, I'd greatly appreciate it getting it all out of its system now.

I know the snow can hear me.

Pictured is Zack, the younger of my neighbours' sons. I wandered over and took some photos while they were out playing in the snow. I so love this shot!

The Time Has Come

Once I get tired of summer (which happens pretty early on), the rest of the year is all about Christmas. I adore Christmas - it is without a doubt the best time of year. So much more than just the 25th December. And the time has come. I have slowly, over the past few days, been decorating the house. It's all so magical, always. The pace is much slower this year, there's a watermelon-sized bump slowing me down, but we're getting there...

I checked out my list of resolutions for 2010 the other day. What a laugh. I've done almost nothing. But for a change, I don't care. I'm not about to spend the next month trying to fix that. There was one hope for 2010 that of course I hadn't listed. And yet it was the one that did happen and it's the reason most of those other resolutions didn't.

David asked me the other day what I thought the best thing about this year was. There's no question in my mind - finding out I was pregnant, as many mixed emotions as it brought with it, turned this year into one that would always represent exactly that. It's barely felt like a year - I was so unwell for over 5 months of it. It feels like 2010 is no more than a few months old, and yet I don't care. It's been exciting and such a journey, and it's brought David and myself so much closer than ever before. And 2011, as daunting as it may seem, is going to be so completely different, I'm not even going to attempt to make any resolutions this year.

I just want to be a good mummy. I want to give this little girl as much love as is humanly possible. I want to see her grow and smile and develop the character already budding within her. I want to watch David melt whenever he looks at her, and she him. I want to hold her and protect her and be everything she needs me to be.

Next year, it's all about the little things.

Sneak Peek

The nursery is coming along nicely. It's always wonderful watching a room take shape, and this one is extra special. There are still a couple pieces of furniture we need to find (or decide on), but plenty of time yet...


Speaking of plenty of time (!), I started packing a couple of things into my hospital bag last night. It's already looking like I'm going to need a much, much bigger bag than the one I'd initially (optimistically) had in mind.

Whale Watching

28 weeks tomorrow...


... & starting to feel just a touch whale-like
(but so loving my bump!) ♥

Home Stretch

I've been a bit confused. (Admittedly, this is easily done.) Some books/websites/people say the third trimester starts at week 26, others at 27, 28 or 29. However it seems that 27 is the most widely agreed upon. I am going to go with that, and as today marks 27 full weeks of pregnancy, it also therefore marks the start of my third trimester.

Aptly marked by sheer exhaustion.

I will not be posting any pictures of myself today because I look a fright. I have dark circles under my eyes, my hair looks like a bird's been dutifully turning it into a nest, and ultimately, I just can't be arsed to pick up the camera. Why I picked today to wash our massive quilt cover is beyond me. I'm shattered from just trying to hang the thing up to dry.

In place of pictures, however, I can say that my bump has now shifted from a B-shape to a D-shape (something I'm quite proud of) and, as you may have gathered above, the glow I enjoyed for a total of three weeks is already thing of the past.

Also, Little One is as bad a hiccuper as her mother.

Officially, I am now looking at 13 weeks left of pregnancy. Two things. One: I can't believe I'm already at a point where it's acceptable to be counting down instead of up. And two: despite being uber excited to meet this little growing person, it sounds entirely too close for comfort...