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Four Cups


This morning, Emily spent over half an hour playing with these four cups.
She singled them out from the rest of the set and focused on just these four.
I sat quietly and watched her play.

She learnt that
Cup 1 fits into Cups 2, 3, and 4.
Cup 2 only fits into Cups 3 and 4.
Cup 3 doesn't fit into Cup 1.
It doesn't fit into Cup 2 either, no matter how hard you try.
Cup 1 can even go into Cup 4 upside down.
None of the cups fit into each other sideways.
Cup 4 is big enough to pretend you're drinking out of it.
Cup 1 is small enough to lick the entire inside of.
All the cups are good for biting.
They are also excellent to bang against each other.

So much to discover!


My sweet Emily,

It hasn't been an easy few months. You and me, we've caught bugs and colds and every winter virus thrown our way. You've been an absolute trooper. You've barely moaned when you were ill, you've not complained when you were well and I wasn't and that meant more staying indoors. You've entertained yourself perfectly and never once made a day difficult for me to pull through. When I've looked at the clock in the morning and thought to myself it may be a long day, it never is. You're happy to snuggle on my lap while we read book after book after book. You love tickles and Mummy acting the fool for you, and I love your laughter. Every smile you send my way lights up my world and by the end of the day, when I lay you down for the night, I often wish you could fight sleep a few more minutes, just so I can enjoy you a little bit more.

I really am the luckiest Mummy in the world.

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