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Pirate's Life for Me (Adam's Room)

Adam never had a room until we moved into this house. When I was pregnant with Emily, I prepared and planned her room throughout the pregnancy. There was no physical room to plan this time. There were boxes to pack and houses to move. And while I had some ideas about what I wanted his room to be like once he had one, I seem to do better "matching" a theme and style to a specific room rather than just applying my ideas to any space.

It turned out that Adam's room is one of the smallest in the house. We couldn't do otherwise, but it's very conveniently located next door to our bedroom which makes wake-ups that little bit easier. So I got working. His was one of the first rooms to be completed, and there are elements of it that I wish I could change (like the wall colour turned out to be completely the wrong colour), but I'm going to just stick with it for now.

I chose a nautical theme. For some reason, it fits with the bit I know Adam so far. I think he'll like it for a few years until it's time for a rehaul. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with his godfather being very into sailing (a bit of an understatement!!), but either way, I'm very happy with it.

People who visited us in England may recognise certain things in his room. His curtains were our living room curtains in Rochester, there are two frames over his cot that once hung in our corridor, and I like that there are elements of our home in Rochester in his room because he will never know that house and somehow it feels right to give him a part of it too.

Most of his furniture was also Emily's - and was meant to remain Emily's - until a sudden change of plan when we realised that the furniture that is now in her room didn't fit in the original place we intended it to go, so we had to change everything round and luckily, it worked.

So with no further ado, I give you Adam's room.

Emily's old bookcase (which has proven extremely popular amongst many of you!)
and an adorably well-suited Melissa & Doug Pirate Puppet, given to Adam by David's cousin

From CoseCasa 

He loves his room, especially when he's sleepy. He knows Room = Sleep. Yay!

Another item from Emily's old room: her lamp. It looked a bit bland
against the white (not meant to be white) walls, so I found a navy blue ribbon
and glued two stripes to the shade and I'm much happier with it now!

Bunting and wall stickers are from JojoMamanBebe

These bookends were an ebay purchase. The plan is to put some shelves up
over the armchair eventually and have these along with a few other bits there.

This is what was going on while I took most of the pictures...

...And then she took his rabbit and all hell broke loose.


  1. Lovely room and I love these posts in which you show us how you set up the rooms in your several houses! And that last photo of the kids is just perfect. Old siblings always are a grief to the younger siblings and this photo shows it all!

  2. That second photo of the munchkins is too cute for words! I love his room, and your decorating ideas. I might need to engage your services if I ever have a kids' room that needs doing up ;) x

  3. Claire this is fact wow! You certainly know how to make a house feel home! I love it all...but I always loved it in Rochester too. well done you the kids are the most adorable.....that girl knows how to tease.....get that bunny back ADAM:)) Mx

  4. OMG those photos of them two together! So sweet! And his room is perfect!