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Behind the Lens with Emily

Over the summer, Emily learnt how to use our phone cameras. In detail. Due to this, we regularly find several dozen photos of the same thing on our camera roll. Usually something very important, like a table leg. I can see most of you nodding. She's far from the only toddler to hijack their parents' phones. 

But before I delete them all, I thought I'd share some of her little masterpieces with you all. I'm making it clear, however, that the ones of David and myself asleep or undressed or in extremely unflattering positions won't be making it onto these posts. In case you wondered.

"It's a picture of you, Mommay. It's a good one!"
(She was talking about that first one)

Yeah. He won't love me for this when he's older.

Artistic, non?


  1. I can really confirm that. Last time when she tried on her uniform, I was taking pics of her with my mobile phone. She suddenly asked if she could take pictures with my phone, and I wasn;t sure if she knew how so I tried to explain. She said a simple 'I know' and sure enough she took some photos(probably to appear on this page soon). But the most amazing thing was when she said 'I want to take a picture of me' Then I was sure she didn't know how (I hardly do myself) but sure enough before I opened my mouth, she just pressed the right button and took a picture of herself! O M G!!!! This child is so clever.

  2. Great shot of the tv control there!! I found you on the top list of baby blogs. Love your blog. Every child should have a mickey mouse! :)

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! Glad you like the blog :)

      Emily LOVES her Mickey Mouse and so does Adam, so we've just bought him one of his own as it wasn't going down too well with Emily that he kept covering hers in dribble ;) x