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Dear Adam (Six Months of You)

Dear Adam

My sweet, sweet boy. How did I ever get this lucky?

It feels like much longer than six months since you joined our little family. I can't remember a day without your smile, or your snuggles. You really are so very snuggly. You lean in for cuddles, you wrap yourself around us, I could almost swear you're already trying to hug us back. If only you weren't so big and so heavy already, I'd probably never put you down.

I can never quite get over just how patient you are. So calm and happy to just be. You take everything in with a huge amount of enthusiasm and you rarely sit still (unless it's for cuddles), always trying to do more than you're yet able to do.

You now roll over like a pro - although you haven't entirely worked out how to roll back yet (but you can do it in your sleep!) You are desperately trying to sit up - I'm sure you have a core of steel. Your balance is getting better by the day and you now seem to think it's time to start practicing standing.

Slow down, sweet boy. You're already the size of a nine month old. Let me enjoy you as a baby for as long as possible.

I think you might always be a snuggler. You'll always be the caring soul. I hope, too, you'll always love your sister as much as you do right now. I also hope you'll always be as ready to smile as you are now.

You love baths, and splashing. You do prefer bathtime with a toy, though. Which you then throw all over the place and look glum until we return it to you. And repeat.

Mickey Mouse is an absolute favourite. We picked up on this and got you your own Mickey toy - you especially love chewing on his feet. You also adore any sort of ball, but especially one particular squashy ball of Emily's. She's not too crazy about you covering it in dribble, but we convince her to let you play with it when we can ;)

You have two teeth already. They both cut through on the same day a couple of weeks ago. Gone are your days of gummy smiles, already. You are quite thrilled with these two teeth and have realised that they allow you to make new noises. Noises that create even more dribble than there already was! Noises that you practice into my shoulder or neck as you snuggle or fall asleep.

You sleep well, often through the night. But I could listen to you falling asleep forever. You've never been one to resist sleep, you welcome it eagerly and with sounds of pure bliss. It makes me want to pick you back up and snuggle you some more.

Your other great love is food. At five months, I gave in and offered you some food off my plate, which you devoured while giving me a look that said, "Well, you finally figured that out!" I try, sometimes, to offer you baby snacks, but more often than not, they are very specifically discarded and you wait, looking from me to my plate and back, longingly, until I hand you something off it, and then you make it well known that Adam is happy again.

There is no problem understanding you. You're clear and communicative, and I can often read you like a book - it keeps us both happy.

Emily will start school next week. And while my heart breaks a little bit over spending less time with her than I ever have, I can't wait to be able to focus on you a little bit more for a few hours every day. I am excited to get to know you more than I already do, and enjoy your calm company.

You've made me a better person, sweet boy.

I love you so very much.

Mummy x