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If You Say So

Emily and I were talking about cousins the other day.

She asked me whether and why she has cousins
and I explained that since her Auntie Denise and I are sisters,
Denise's children are Emily and Adam's cousins - and vice versa.

"No, I'm not a cousin."

"Yes, you're Bekah, Gabby and Edward's cousin."

(dismissive tone) "If you say so, Mum."

"If you say so..."!!!!! 

And yes, she calls me "Mum" now.

I keep saying this, and I'll say it again: what's she going to be like as a teenager?!?

Have a good weekend!

Not My Year Off


  1. Hehe this post made me giggle :). If you say so hehe.

  2. Bless her, we are at a similar age with Lewis... but he doesn't get it yet as he's very unlikely to have cousins. Neither me or hubby's brothers are not likely to have children at all in the foreseeable future. Our conversation rapidly moved onto, "If Uncle Kip has a baby that would be so funny, Uncle Kip doesn't like children!" - note to self, don't slag brother off in front of children! *whoops!*

    Lewis also now calls me "mum"... how depressing is that?! Kids are growing up :o(

  3. Your daughter is so cute! Hope you are having a great weekend :-)