The End

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Adam has always loved bath time. He loves splashing and LOVES it when I turn on the showerhead, giggling uncontrollably, because - presumably - it tickles him when I shower him.

Then, last weekend we went to Ras al Khaimah for the long weekend and on the first day, we let the kids play on the sandy beach. We knew it would be a horrendous mess afterwards but we also knew they'd love it.

They did. Emily went about collecting shells and making sandcastles, Adam crawled around in the sand and threw it everywhere. When he started getting tired, he began rubbing it into his eyes and hair and it was time to head back to our hotel room.

And then showers. We had to get that sand out somehow. It was anything but easy. It meant holding the showerhead over their heads in an attempt to get as much of the sand out of their hair as was possible. Emily was fine - she obviously knows what "look up" means and will cooperate.

Adam was another story. There was none of the usual giggling. He cried so much I was practically in tears too by the end of the ordeal.

So the next day, as much as they had enjoyed the sand, we stuck to the pool.

And when bathtime came, it happened again. I turned on the water and Adam was in tears, desperately trying to scramble away from the running water.

The next day, the same. And the days after that too. Today will be the fifth day and i know there'll be more crying. I've broken my little boy so he is scared of the sound of water. I am so angry with myself and so unbelievably frustrated with the situation.

Sand! I hate the blasted stuff even more now.


  1. Hey hun.....Madison traumatized Briley in the bath splashing and pouring water over him and he went through a stage of hating he water after loving it so much before hand.

    Stick with it make baths short for a bit but full of fun, toys making him wet with a face cloth or pouring it over his back...take time to bath him without Emily put him in with you too if you can so he has your full attention.

    Slowly Briley began to tolerate it more and is now back to enjoying his bath. I am sure you can turn this around.

    Big hugs

    1. Thanks for this Kelly, it gives me hope. He was *slightly* better today - the problem is even if I wet his back, or neck... he obviously thinks I'm about to do the same thing again, but today tried to keep him distracted as I did it and it helped slightly. I think we'll get there, it may be a long road though. xxx

  2. I am not mother as you know however perhaps somehow introducing a sort of reward system for showering? I don't know. As Kelly said above me maybe make it something he will look forward to instead.

    Again I do not have kids so I could be saying absolute shite !

  3. Hey hun. Lahs exactly the same at the moment, it started the day she turned 2 and 2 months later she is still screaming every shower night. Its heartbreaking, the only time she doesn't scream is if I or daddy get in with her. :-(

    1. Oh no :( Do you know what happened to trigger it off? xx

  4. I'm only reiterating what others have said but Oliver has been through several weird stages with water.... mostly he loves it but sometimes he will hate showers and only tolerate baths, sometimes vice versa - no obvious triggers either! We usually just carry on as normal and he gets over it eventually. Hope Adam loves his showers again soon :-)

    PS - Oliver calls all showers 'the tickly showers' for that very reason haha!

  5. Good news... I may have helped him through this. I kept the shower head off and washed him with a little bucket while singing and being silly. He got nervous but it wasn't as fast as the days before. Today... no trace of panic! And I suspect Never Smile at a Crocodile has become a bathtime favourite!

  6. We have this every time we go away, LP hates any bath that isn't ours and it takes a week when we're home for her to settle in again :( x