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Christmas Eve Midnight Feast

Many of us saw the Christmas Eve idea that went viral. I knew I had to put something together for Emily the moment I saw it. It'd be the start of a new tradition for us. So there was a new set of pyjamas, a couple DVDs for her to choose one from, marshmallows, her favourite strawberry Nesquik, Maltesers, some Smurf biscuits and candy cane (which she insisted on being included despite my knowing she wouldn't like it).

It was a very exciting evening. Adam was put to bed as per usual but Emily was allowed to stay up. We had some girly time and did her hair, and then went downstairs where Daddy was waiting. They chose a DVD while I prepared our drinks. She chose Miracle on 34th Street. Now some friends mentioned it may not be the best option as it brings up the question of believing, but as it so happened, that part completely passed her by and in the close to 68653 times we've seen it so far (it's her new firm favourite), she's not caught on to the fact that Santa Claus' existence is disputed at any point during the film. Which is handy.

As predicted, she didn't like the candy cane.

"I LOVE this lunch! I LOVE this evening! I LOVE this!"
She found it hard to contain herself. It was utterly adorable. 

At around 21:30 she called it a night. The excitement proved too much to handle and she was exhausted.
But first, she wanted some Christmas tree pictures. 

And there was a very important snack to prepare. 

Unbelievable amounts of excitement. 

And then sleep. So very quickly, so much sleep.