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Pyjama Day

Today, Emily and I had a Pyjama Day. We both have colds and are feeling a little bit miserable, the weather wasn't too great (welcome to summer), so it seemed fitting.

I love days like today. They always involve lots of snuggling. We watched Emily's favourite nursery rhymes DVD. Twice. And we spent most of our morning colouring. Emily has her own little space in the living room now. (Let's ignore the fact that she'd already taken over the entire living room.) She has a little table and two adorable little chairs - one for her and one for a friend whenever she has a playdate.

The moment she laid eyes on these chairs when I assembled them last week, she fell in love. When she's not pushing a chair around the whole ground floor, she's - well - sitting on it. She absolutely loves them.

It's become her official colouring space.

Mummy, stop taking photos and help me colour!

We dressed up eventually and then it was back on to the chair. At which point she discovered it was a comfy spot to watch TV from (multitasking already), and she also discovered she could colour on her chair.

I am now working on teaching her that she should only use crayons on her colouring books and papers. I see a long road ahead of me...!


  1. Aww, I approve muchly of her little table and cute!!!! I wish you the best of luck with trying to get her not to draw on furniture (or walls!), really, I do. Hopefully she'll learn that quickly, she's a good child most of the time :)

    *muah* love you xx

  2. ahhh honey hope you feel better soon! I had a massive day will tell you all about it soon. XXM

  3. adorable . Love the chair also hehe. =)X gws