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Emily uttered her first word at nine months (and has never really stopped talking). Her language has always been advanced and she learns new words, phrases, expressions at the speed of light. The other day, she told me that "chances are" Adam won't want to do something or other. She is a 30 year old trapped in a 3 year old's body.

However there have, of course, been some funny words. There is a list of these words in my notes app. They're those words you don't even try and correct because they're so adorably cute. She's replaced them all with the correct version of the word over time, with the exception of two (basht, which is a bandage or plaster, and barrio instead of barrier). The other day I reminded Emily of some of these words and she found it hilarious.

I thought I'd share some of them with you, and, forgive me, I felt like getting creative too.

Every morning, we wake up around vesen and go downstairs to hab sum feckist. We then go into the leelung to get dressed for school and if there's some time, relax on the fofa while watching a bit of early morning tv. She will ask for a full movie, like Milk on 40th Street, but of course there's not enough time. 
Emily loves anything that is keet and purple. A falloo, a bly, a flingo, even pish, pocodiles and efelents can be keet in Emily's world. She loves to play hockeyseek and she really really loves maimows. She has two special dolls called - wait for it - Dolly and Baby, and they ride around in their babybarrow. Emily adores dancing and listening to meegis, and this isn't limited to nursing arhymes. Her absolute favourite song is Starships by Nicki Minaj. She also loves playing the plano and her white one tar
At the end of the day, she will have a splashy bath, then she'll get into her jamamas amidst lots of tickling, brush her teeth (in front of the mirror, always - even though she's not yet tall enough to see herself in it), she'll climb into bed and carefully fold and place her glasses on her setby table. We'll read a story or four, and then it's several hundred goodnight kisses and eventually sleep. 

I doubt most of those need translating, but for the record leelung is living room, falloo is flower, bly is butterfly, hockeyseek is hide and seek, and white one tar is guitar (because her little guitar is white). Any others you couldn't figure out? :)


  1. too much cuteness! Whenever you want to get her over to see the maimows you're more than welcome

    1. No no, maimows were rainbows! Cats were.... cats lol (but thank you!) ;) x

  2. Children's words are cute! And I can totally understand not correcting the cuter of them :)

    I had to think twice about the "flingo". (They're pink and stand on one leg, right?)

    A butterfly was a "fuffigh" over here. (And the one that took me forever to find out was that a "sweever" was the black-and-white striped horse-like animal.)

    1. You're right about the flingo ;)

      I would never have guessed fuffigh OR sweever!! Though, now you explain it, sweever does make some sense!