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Emily turned three today

Emily turned three today.

As always it turned me into an emotional wreck, especially around 14:11, the time she was born.

Closing my eyes, I can still see Sky (the midwife) place her into my arms for the first time

How could three years fly by so quickly? 

My sweet Emily,

You're growing into a happy, confident, friendly, opinionated, headstrong young lady. We've thrown so much your way this past year and you've taken it all in your stride. You amaze us every day, even now. You teach us so much.

I can see the difference in you from a year ago. You're so much more confident now, you make friends easily, everywhere you go. You're a little joker and you're so much more girly - it's all about pink and purple with you! You know what you want and won't let anyone tell you otherwise (although Mummy usually knows her way around it and we're both OK with that).

We had one of those simple, happy days today - the best sort of day. I would have liked to take you out to do something special but as Adam hasn't been well and the weather wasn't very cooperative, we stayed in. You snuck downstairs when you got up - you never do this - and we found you lurking around your gifts in the living room as quietly as a mouse.

One of your gifts was a castle tent, chosen by your Daddy. Realistically I don't think we needed to get you anything else, had it just been the tent, it would have been enough. You spent your entire day in and out of that tent. You even asked to nap in it! (You tried to, but didn't quite nap). You dressed up in your best dress, tiara and your "jewels" and acted princess, prancing and dancing around singing to yourself. There is never a clearer sign from you that means you are happy.

Your Daddy and I sat back and watched, knowing just how happy this day has made you, and in turn, us. I'm glad you've enjoyed your third birthday, my sweetheart. We have a party planned for this weekend and then it'll be another adventurous few months. I have no doubt that you'll settle well. I also have no doubt that there'll be questions and requests to go back home, which will break my heart, but we'll tackle them and we'll get there together, and we'll see to it that you're happy again. Maybe even more so.

So here's to another year of you, little girl. Please, don't grow up too fast. Keep the hugs and kisses and "Mummy, I love you"s coming. And remember I'm always here for you.

All my love,
Mummy x



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