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Bag of Books

Another tradition we began this year was a Bag of Books under the tree. One of Emily's gifts from us was a bag of books, literally. She loves books but since Adam arrived we haven't found it as easy to read to her as much as we used to, so we wanted to try and rekindle her love for books. We intend for there to be a bag of books under the tree every year, including one for Adam starting next year.

In Emily's bag this year were the following books:

Now books can be expensive, especially eight of them in one go, but thanks to Claire Bonello blogging about a while back, some of the books in Emily's bag were actually pre-loved! They don't look it and at £2.59 each (delivered), it was more than worth it. 

Emily's favourites are That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown (no huge surprise) and Dogs Don't Do Ballet. We have read and re-read these two almost every night since Christmas. 

And just to throw this in there, if anyone is looking for a really great children's book, have a look at Giraffes Can't Dance. It's my absolute favourite of all Emily's books so far... I never get tired of it. 

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