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"Little cupcake for you"

We made fairy cakes this morning. Emily's first ever baking experience and she loved it. I predict there will be several other baking sessions and lots of weight piled on.

The fairy cake mixture we used (I wasn't about to bake them from scratch, her attention would never have lasted long enough) was a Morrisons one that somehow made it all the way over to Malta with us.

Take one cooperating baby and a very excited, aproned toddler...

And a bowl. A big bowl.

Lots of fun mixing.

Some waiting.

Then a spot of lunch for us all (baby included), some funny faces for the camera
and some big sister attention while the cupcakes cooled down.

Then finally the bit she'd been waiting for all along. She got to sprinkle the flowers on the icing. 

"Pretty flowers for Mummy," I was told. 

She was talking about the fun she had making cupcakes with Mummy for ages afterwards. And she can't wait to give Daddy a cupcake when he gets home from work. And I had to explain that, no, Adam wouldn't be having one this time, but maybe when he's older.

We'll be doing this again, and soon!


  1. Lovely post, very cute pictures, looks like a lot of fun! :)

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

  2. This looks like such an amazing fun way to spend time with E!

    Love this post! :D

    1. I have to be honest - it took a bit of coaxing to refocus her attention after the cooling wait, but once I mentioned those flower sprinkles, I won her over ;)