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Well as the days go by, and my mind becomes increasingly foggy, I am becoming more visibly pregnant. For a while there I forgot it would actually happen and then overnight, or so it seemed, I developed a bump. A bump that even strangers now acknowledge. It feels funny.

Yesterday we hit Bluewater for a spot of maternity shopping. It is unbelievable how utterly difficult it is to find a smart dress that allows for a bump and doesn't cost the earth. A very lovely sales assistant at Dorothy Perkins took me under her wing and suggested various options, and in the end I did find something suitable for a wedding I'm off to next week.

But I really am very pleased with all of the pieces I bought yesterday, especially the amazingly comfortable trousers from H&M. Saturday morning brought with it the slightly shocking news that I could no longer close the top button on my jeans and still breathe normally. Something desperately needed to be done.

Three hours of that later, I had used up more than my daily quota of energy and the rest of the day was really quite awful, as most afternoons lately are.

Today I woke up, batteries charged once again (mornings are always the best) and I made us pancakes for breakfast (I woke up literally tasting them), and then set about clearing out my wardrobe of everything I no longer fit into. I put everything away, hoping to see a day when I do fit into it all again. There isn't too much left, it really is quite daunting!

And suddenly, between the adorable Moses Basket I picked up last week, the sudden change of wardrobe, and my startingly distinguishable silhouette, the whole pregnancy thing now seems more real... and I may be sensing some panic coming my way!



  1. Panic! Why? It is the oldest and most natural thing in the world lol!!! But yes, it is understandable. Every day, the big life changing event gets closer and closer and you are soon gonna become a MOTHER.A Most Beautiful Experience which will give you moments of joy,anxiety, pride, satisfaction and the bafflement that this little creature is a new individual with a mind of his/her own, to be led by his/her parents and not necessarily being or thinking anything at all like them!!!! (He he).
    For the occasion I am sending you this link" sen to share and enjoy.
    Love you

    Your mummy xxxxxx

    This is beautiful!

    It is such a beautiful thing to bring this bundle of joy into this world!

  2. i craved (and continue to crave) pancakes too!!

  3. that's great news! :-) it's so exciting! take photos because eventually you will miss your growing bump (i have almost no photos of the pregnant me). take care x

  4. YEs I agree with islandfairy. Do take photos of your bump week by week or monthly. I've almost forgotten how my tummy was before I got pregnant. Now the big question is: will I get back to my surfboard tummy?! I guess I'll have to work hard to achieve my pre-pregnancy body.

  5. You are a delight to drop in on and read up on girl! Wishing you all the best, knowing JUST how you feel, and loving your words!

  6. I'm so very excited for you! and love reading about your journey :)