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Beach Babes

It's not all bad. Last weekend was awesome and saw what was possibly the beginning of Summer. When our plans for a Malta-style "road trip" to Gozo fell apart, we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and drop by the beach instead and introduce Emily to the sand.

I say "introduce" because I refuse to accept that that time at Camber Sands was Emily's introduction to sand (See Disillusioned Med Girl, Meet Sand). It just didn't count.

She loved it. It's the "seaside" to her (how very British), and apparently, we were there with Peppa and George, though she was the only one who could see them.

Adam was less impressed. Especially as it was windy and he just wanted his milk.

We treated her to a new bucket and spade set (seeing as how we'd forgotten to bring one)


Soon it was lunchtime which brought about the task of convincing her we had to leave the sand behind. What ensued was a neverending conversation that went like this:

E: I want to play with the saaaand! *whine* *pouty face*
Me/D: We'll go back next weekend, I promise we will. You can play in the sand then.
E: Ooooookay. I happy now. 
Breathe. And repeat (x 9865436)

Naptime didn't come a moment too soon.


  1. We need some of the gorgeous weather you have! I love how entertained children are at the beach and looks like Emily loved it! x

  2. All sorts of interesting people usually come to the beach with us - mostly Ben and Holly at the moment but Gruffalo, Paddington and my fave because she's definitely the most fun, "The Pixie Queen" :-)