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The Doc is in

Emily's bedroom door must be closed at all times. If it is open, then she won't be able to burst into the room while dramatically declaring "Doc is IN!"

In our house, we love Doc McStuffins. When it first appeared on TV months ago when we were still in England, I never imagined it would have such a huge impact on her life. A friend had pointed out it was a good show to expose her to - it empowers girls and is racially unbiased. I hadn't even realized these things when I first watched it with Emily but after that comment, I felt a little bit less bad about letting her watch it so often.

There's no two ways about it: Emily adores that show. The Doc is her absolute hero and she has already informed us that she will be a doctor when she grows up (just maybe not in so many words). Her current favourite toy is this medical carrycase which she spends literally hours playing with every day. Of course that means that David, Adam and I all must endure several check ups (originally referred to as "ketchups") every hour, but how else would we be so sure we're all healthy and doing well?

She could wear her stethoscope all day long. Our heartbeat moves around. It's sometimes in our chest, other times it'll have moved to our stomach, our legs, even our cheeks. Wherever she finds it, we are always given a reassuring "Sounds good!" at the end of it.

We are instructed to take deep breaths ("Deep breaths for me!") while we have our blood pressure tested. We are jabbed in our stomach again and again with the syringe (I haven't yet had the heart to explain exactly what that one instrument is). Our eyes and ears (and belly buttons) are examined with her otoscope regularly. She insists the eye drop bottle is an ice lolly, but amazingly, it also converts into a medicine bottle when necessary (eg, "Mummy, not well?" "No, Emily, I think I'm fine." "No Mummy, you're not well." "Oh ok, COUGH COUGH" "Here Mummy - medicine for you.")

And in the car, we all have to sing the Doc McStuffins theme song, ad infinitum. It's quite adorable really - she knows 99% of the words and is pitch perfect, but a few words elude her so she replaces them with random sounds that she thinks work.

Ah, toddlers. Sudden meltdowns apart, I am quite enjoying these supposed Terrible Twos. She certainly is entertaining!


  1. She is particularly adorable, and I am perpetually impressed by her xx

  2. What an amazing girl she is! Actually, remarkable is more what I was after but she amazes me all the time. Tell her I need her to pop over and check my belly button...maybe she'll be able to get me back to health more quickly. Then she can watch the show with my girls. They're big fans too and now, thanks to this post, I'm singing the theme song on a loop!

  3. We "love" playing doctors, particularly the bit where every part of us gets wrapped up in bandages .. NOT!

    Thank you so much for linking up at the Friday Baby Shower - look forward to seeing you at this week's party, Alice x