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Dear Baby A

I've wanted to write this letter for a long time, and yet I can never quite find the words. The words still aren't there now, but the feelings finally are. It's been a hard pregnancy, though not in the traditional way. It's been full of change and big, sometimes difficult, emotions to deal with. I've cried lots, and I've ignored your playful dancing at times, waving it away - I'm too busy to enjoy this. But lately, now that we're settling in and the worst of it all is behind us, I have slowly come to appreciate your clumsy tumbling around, and I have taken note of your sleep patterns and your excitable reaction to your sister's voice.

Slowly, you have become a person to me. You're not just an annoying bump that has made the move so much more impractical, so much more frustrating. You are a living, loving, playful little boy. You seem to have my nose and your Daddy's love for football (or whatever sport it is you're practicing in there). You adore your big sister already and she loves showering you with hugs and kisses, and "checking" in on you with various play doctor's equipment, making you react to her often cold hands.

And it's become exciting again. Just as it was in the beginning, when we knew we wanted you so badly. And when we found out you were on the way. And when the pregnancy turned out to be so much easier than your sister's was. Before I forgot to be excited because so much else took over, and needed to be dealt with. And I'm sorry about it, I really am. I promise I'll make up for it all with so many cuddles and kisses once you're in my arms, you won't know what's hit you.

I'm eager and I'm excited. I want to know what you look like, what you feel like. I want to discover how completely different you are to Emily (I already know you are!) and get to know you in your own right. I want to watch you and her get to know each other, learn each other's ways and adapt to each other.

So whenever you're ready, Little A, you needn't be scared to join the fold. We're looking forward to getting to know you.

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  1. Beautiful...and I can relate to a lot of the feelings you went through, even though we hadn't moved. Baby A (does this mean his name starts with an A?) will be in awe of his mum who grew him, took care of his toddler sister AND moved countries all at the same time!

    1. You can't know how grateful I am for your words xxx and yes, his name begins with A! ;)

  2. What a lovely post - I'm keeping my eyes peeled for your latest updates.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Baby Shower, Alice x