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Ladies and Gentlemen

At almost 36 weeks into this pregnancy, I have finally been able to pack my hospital bags. General advice is that they are packed by 28 or so weeks. With Emily, they were packed by 25 (and repacked, and repacked, and repacked some more). This time, I was going slightly insane knowing I had nothing ready, then the Big Boat arrived (more about this later) and at long last I had access to my stuff. Yet still it took days until I could gather enough from various boxes and bags to create the hospital bag I needed.

Last night, when Mr Braxton Hicks was in a particularly teasing mood, David asked me to go get packed, "just in case." I didn't want to tempt fate much longer so I listened, and that's what brings us to today. I am packed. Baby A's crib is built, as is his changing unit (See what I did there? Aren't I such a tease?!) He is due in 4 weeks' time but I don't really believe he'll wait that long. We shall see. But until then, whenever he decides to make an appearance, I'm finally ready for him!

And relax.


  1. Oooh, so exciting! :) Hope all goes well when the time comes! I will stay tuned for the big news! :)


  2. Thanks so much for sharing at the Baby Shower - look forward to seeing you at this week's party Alice x