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Remembering Me

I never got round to writing a post welcoming 2013. Not that it needed welcoming - it was going to happen whether we wanted it to or not, whether those Mayans thought it would or not. And I don't really do resolutions because as we all know they very rarely last a week. It just doesn't seem worth the effort of thinking them up.

But if there is something I want to do in 2013, it's remember Me. Last year, I pushed myself aside. I forgot about me, things got so busy sometimes even having a shower felt like a waste of time. When I did have some spare time I was mostly so pooped I could barely scrape myself up off the sofa to do anything. Emily was my number one and I took a very severe back seat.

No more. 

I count too. I want to feel good about myself. I want to step out of the house and not cringe if I spot someone I know on the street. I want to feel proud of my accomplishments and where I am and how far I've come. I want to be - need to be - a good role model for Emily. I want to stand tall and be proud of Me.

So this year I will take time for myself. I will pamper myself, do my nails and my hair and similar shallow things that make me feel like I can take on the world. I will enjoy being a woman. I will remember that I count. I will not be made to do things because they benefit other people only. I will not be pushed around or guilted into things. I will accept that some things just aren't meant to be, and I will block out anyone who tries to tell me otherwise. At the same time, I will push myself out of my comfort zone to the extent that I can, I will challenge myself and discover. I will be a peaceful person, at peace with myself and those around me. I will be a better, all-rounded, human being (who enjoys a good bitching session every now and again).

Remind me of all this in April when I am drowning under dirty newborn nappies and begging for sleep and snapping at anyone who so much as glances in my direction. Remind me that as a person with by then three months of rebuilding Me, I can and will get through this.

(PS I have no illusion that I will be prancing around in 6-inch heels but it never hurt anyone to dream.)


  1. This is a wonderful 'non resolution' resolution :) I think I could say the very same about myself (minus the children). We get so busy in life that we often forget about the truly important things, our selves! These past 9 months i've been a hermit without my husband or friends around. I feel like I've completely lost myself and think that part of the reason why I am so excited to get to Scotland is not only to of course be reunited with my husband. But to also start over. New beginings, new surroundings gives me a great excuse to find myself again and to start fresh :)

    1. Sometimes I think a change just needs to happen. We begin to crave it and nothing else is good enough until we achieve it. We just know we need something different. Hopefully we'll both be much happier once we get our change. Good luck xxx

  2. I'll I've here to help with the pampering ;)

  3. I think that's a great goal, especially as you will be running into a lot more people you know when you move to Malta! Don't put too much pressure on yourself though as it's going to be tough when this year you've got so much more going on, especially with squiggle coming... ;)

    1. A big reason behind this is the arrival of Squiggle... I need to be in a good place when he gets here because inevitably there'll be a bit of a drop in everything for a few months after he is born. I figure that if I'm in a good place to begin with, the drop won't be too bad - but if I'm already feeling low at the start of that, it may get out of hand once the lack of sleep and time sets in!! x

  4. oooo her language :) (can't help notice it)

    Re: Names.. we've devised a list of funny names that are referred to us. The Maltese should be awarded for creativity. The problem is that we get so used to calling them by their 'strange names' that they no longer sound odd.. My guess is that the most common names end in ...eigh (Hayleigh, kayleigh) or in ... iah (Mariah etc).. Not to mention the variants of Dylan, Diilon, Dillon, Dylin etc.. As well as the common trend of rhyming twins' names. :/