The End

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The First Week in Pictures

We didn't exactly travel light.

Some plastic Giraffes provided hours of entertainment.

We had promised her there'd be swings and slides!

And there were.

...and more...

On several occasions!

Can't really fault 17 degree weather in the middle of January. There were people swimming. Emily fancied
joining in and has asked me if she could "jump in the sea" each time she's caught sight of the sea since.

But she's obviously also heard about the snowmen she's missed out
on in England and demanded a play-doh snowman one morning! 

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  1. Lovely photos... Hope you're settling well xx

    1. We are, thank you honey! (did you see the previous post?) xxx

  2. Lovely pics. So jealous of your warm weather! Lots of love to you. Xx

  3. Love your pictures, it's like I'm there again! One of those wooden horses was headless last time I went down to the park though!

  4. Great pictures, love the cute snowman, well thought up with the lack of snow there! :)

    Enjoy the sunshine! Send us some xxx

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches