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Farewell to a Dear Friend

Today is a bittersweet day. One of the very first friends I made in London, who also happens to be Maltese, is moving back to Malta. She is in almost every memory of life in London I can think of, she was our companion on almost every road trip, she was with us when we began househunting and she helped us measure up the house we eventually bought. She is also Emily's godmother.

I won't deny that I've shed tears over her move, but I'm happy for her because it is something she really wants to do and she has big, exciting plans. And I know we'll get to see her every time we visit.

So, good luck and much love to you, dear Danielle. Thank you for being there along the way x

France, 2008 - with matching scarves

Freezing in Belgium, 2009

Lucky Emily with both her godparents, last weekend

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