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Messy Play

After months of talking about it and meaning to do it, I finally took Emily to a Messy Play session last week. Dressed almost entirely in "Primani" and with a change of clothes ready just in case, she seemed to love that she could wander around and make a mess freely. There were tubs of shaving foam, rice, water, soil and a table for painting. She seemed happy to play with the rice and water - which if I'm honest, I was more than okay with!!

However a part of me was slightly disappointed. When I thought of Messy Play, I somehow had this idea of massive tubs of whatever messiness on offer, that the kids could actually get into and roll around in. A bath of mess, if you will. So to find tubs that were significantly smaller than the picture I had in my head was a little bit disappointing.

Still, she seemed to have a blast. I'm sure those little tubs looked huge to her!

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  1. Aww bless her she looks like she's having loads of fun! I remember at my daughters nursery when she was about Emily's age they would cover the floors in paper, strip them to their nappies and let them roll in paint! I've never seen a filthier or happier bunch of kids before!