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The Pet Shop

Last week started out as one of those really, really, really boring weeks. The type of week where there are no plans, not many people around and to top it off, I wasn't very well. Emily, bless her, had been very patient but on Tuesday afternoon it all become too much.

So we got into the car and headed to the pet shop.

We saw rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, more rabbits, bearded dragons, lots of dogs, and hundreds of fish. She loved the rabbits and the rats. The bearded dragon caught her attention for a few minutes, until she started shouting at it and I had to move her away.

The fish were in aquariums piled high so I had to lift her up to see most of them and she didn't want that, but when I put her down she made a beeline to the closest open aquarium, and it was pretty easy to read her mind, and one word covered it: SPLASHING!

So back to the rabbits it was. And after that, the week got much better. We had a few playdates and caught up with friends, and that makes us happy.

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