The End

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Last Week in Pictures

Running a bit late with this one, but here goes :)

Discovered sharon fruit. The jury is still out on them -
I think they might actually be too sweet for my taste!

I found the Laugh & Learn Teapot set in the second hand shop for £3.50 and bought it for Emily.
Everyone and everything has pretty much had to drink imaginary tea ever since.
Yes, even the monkey.

We discovered she can correctly point out all these animals when asked where each one is.
She is also trying to say koala and giraffe, and can say bear and hippo clearly.

I discovered this little gem!

We watched her clothes get washed. Fascinating stuff.

And we watched rain fall.

New specs... at last!


  1. Love the tea set and the specs :)
    Did Em like the sharon fruits?

  2. I like ze specs a lot :D

    I remember sitting in front of the washing machine when I was young, trying to figure out where the clothes disappeared to when they were spinning lol

    1. Tnq! :) Yep - see my mum's comment below haha ;) x

  3. Oh Kle! When you were a baby you used to love looking at the washing machine. Yiu used to call it the ' yound and yound' cute! Xxx

  4. Sharon fruits! I've never heard them called that -- persimmons, maybe? remember the first time I tasted one, I was probably around 5 (sadly, I don't think I've had one since)! I thought they were magical and surprising, as they look so much like a tomato but didn't at all taste like one.

    I love that Emily is fascinated with her tea set...everything here has been centered around the tea set lately too!