The End

This blog is now closed. The story continues over on Flip Flops and Flying Carpets.

Thank you for reading.

Week in Pictures

Here are a few pictures that sum up our week (well, weekend mostly).

But before that I want to say thank you for the lovely messages so many of you have written about my last two posts. They've really touched my heart and made me glad to have opened up! Love to you all x

Mmm... strawberries!

Fun in the park

Blue skies

Out in the garden in our slippers

More blue skies

Happy Father's Day Daddies! <3


  1. So cute! And I recognise that castle turret ;-) Loved it there when I was a kid. Glad you decided to keep the blog going x

    1. Now that I have stopped kidding myself about what my blog is about, it seems much easier! Thank you so much for your advice the other day too! x

  2. Gorgeous pictures as always. Love E's little hair styles. Nice pictures from the park. Always a fun trip x