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Emily's New Room: Complete

I can't believe she's been in there for almost two months already, but that's how long we've been waiting for her curtains to arrive from Malta! I wanted to wait until her room was complete to take photos and show the room off.

Our house is a typical townhouse: three narrow floors. The top floor hosted the study/junk room and guest/junk room and was relatively unused - save for all the junk. Emily's old room was on the first floor, so we decided to move Emily up to the top floor, and bring the study & guest room down into her old room, thus merging them. Needless to say this last bit hasn't yet happened and both rooms look like they've been hit by a hurricane and honestly speaking, I just don't know where to start with merging the rooms as furniture needs to go or be bought and we're still not sure which pieces of furniture those are. So check back with me in a year - if we're lucky, we may have completely the project by then!

But at least Emily's room is finished and she is very happy to be in there. She still (phew) loves birds and makes "cheep cheep" sounds and the bird sign whenever she looks at her curtains.

So without further ado, I give you... Emily's new room x

I was very pleased that we were able to re-use some of the things we'd picked out for Emily's original room. As much as I prefer the new room, things for her old room were chosen with great care and excitement for the "new baby" that was to join us soon.

The set of three bear pictures had been over her cot in the old room. The elephant and butterflies that are now over her changing unit had been in various places around her old room, along with several other jungle animals that had to be left behind. The wooden letter E on her little mirrors had been stuck to her door, but she now has a new one that her grandmother bought for her, so this E is now here.

There is also a set of four framed pictures that had hung on my sister's and my bedroom wall when we were little. It's not "Why God Made Little Girls" (although a reproduction of that poem is in Emily's room too), but these are just as special. I adored them as a child and am thrilled that they have a place in Emily's room.

Little details:
- Paint is "Sorbet" by Dulux
- Bird stickers are from Amazing Sticker
- Curtain fabric is Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle ("Spring" AAK-11507-192)
- The bookcase is the Tidy Box


  1. Very cute. Was looking forward for this post. I love make over room pictures!

  2. its lovely!!! i especially love the cot ;-) i'm still gutted i couldn't have your changing unit! i can't wait to have a little girl so i can do a lovely pink nursery :-D xx

    1. I was totally against doing the pink thing in the beginning, but the older she grows, the girlier she seems and it didn't feel wrong any more. I'm very pleased with the outcome :) x

  3. Aww so glad you found a place for those frames, love the whole room lucky emily!! xx

  4. So cute. I love how bright and cheerful it is.

    Also as a side note, every time I am on here it shows a visitor from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. I am still in Delaware. It must be b/c I am close to the bay and NJ is on the other side. I am not sure. Sometimes that happens with facebook posts too. But if you ever wondered who in NJ was checking out your site its me.


  5. Gorgeous. What a lovely room. I'd quite like to go and sleep in there myself. X

  6. Love the Ikea chair! I have those exact ones in my living room!


  7. The room is beautiful and I love love love the curtains! Well worth the wait!

  8. Somehow I missed this! I especially love the curtains..delightful fabric!

  9. beautiful room :-) do you happen to know/remember where the white bookshelf/holder thing came from? x

    1. Absolutely - it's this one:

      This has been a very popular question so I've updated the blog post with a link!