The End

This blog is now closed. The story continues over on Flip Flops and Flying Carpets.

Thank you for reading.


It would appear that I am having a blogging mid-life crisis. I know I keep harping on about my muse being gone and all that, but I'm not sure it's that at all really. Part of me thinks I've become that horrible sort of person who is only capable of talking about her child. But I also know that's not the case. I believe I've changed.

Life has changed meaning to me over the last few months. It's not about writing about seemingly useless things, preaching to others, expressing my opinion any longer. I am a person in my own right and I don't need to blog about my thoughts to make them valid. I have become more private too.

Life, lately, is about the precious moments I witness every day, the beauty of the character I see unfolding before my eyes. Life is not about my favourite nail polish colour or the clothes I like wearing or even my thoughts about the world around me. Everything fades in comparison. It's not worth the bother and the effort. Life is the amazing little girl I am a mother to, the family I'm building with my best friend, the memories we're creating for the years to come.

So I apologise if I bore you, dear reader. I apologise (mostly to myself) if my blog has become what I always swore it wouldn't: the dreaded "mummy blog". My life is what it is and right now, I cannot ignore the shining light that is this little girl I spend my day with. I simply cannot close my eyes to it. Maybe I've become uninteresting. Maybe I'll resent myself for shifting my focus off what I no longer consider important. I'll deal with it when it happens. Until then, and until I am no longer spellbound by my miniature companion, my blog will continue to be a Mummy Blog.

(For the record, my favourite nail polish colour at the moment is Essie's Eternal Optimist *wink*)


  1. :)) it happens to us all...and no one realises how good it really is. Off course to those who cant comprehend what we are talking about..we shall smile and wait...then wait and see miracles happen every day when you open your eyes and see them. Whatever you happen to write about its always a pleasure to read...well to me at least it is. You are not one sided and def not boring....! Go girl be who you want to be, who you feel you really are and then you shall be truley or unread...YOU WILL BE SMILING ALL THE WAY! Mx

  2. Of course you'd want to blog about Emily all the time, and if that's what you want, who can say it's right or wrong? I know what you mean - you spend 24/7 with the baby, she becomes your world. Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing it well and I'm sure people are still reading :)

  3. Never apologise for thinking your lovely bundle of awesomeness is more important than other frivolous things!! Your blog is ultimately your voice, and if that voice belongs to a mummy (and a damn good one at that) then so be it. I love who you've become and how you've embraced your new life.

  4. This is your life! You don't need to apologize for loving and shouting it out loud. (Although I know that feeling of, I said I would never do this) It is a beautiful thing, this motherhood, this light we have in our lives. Let people see that for what it is, it is not small, it is HUGE.

  5. This is your blog and your life. You should never worry if people won't like the blog because you talk about what's important to you. Yes, the focus of the blog changed but why should you worry about that. Your kid is what's important for you at the moment, you should never be ashamed of that. I for one love all the pictures and seeing Emily grow through your blog.