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Ode to a Sofa

We bought a new sofa this month. We'd been thinking about doing so since December, and the reason it took us so long to make our minds up was simply that our old sofas were perfectly fine. Sure, they'd been mauled by the cats (remember them?) but they had years and years of life left in them realistically.

However, we didn't find them comfortable. The cushions were, in our opinion, too narrow and due to them being leather, they were also slippery. This was never a problem until the living room turned into the place where our social life basically happens. We spend most of our evenings there, me alone, David alone, or both of us together, and sometimes with friends. We wanted something that made us want to be there. Something that was comfortable.

So we finally went ahead and bought this sofa.

(dfs image)

The model is called Lush. Now, as much as I absolutely abhor that word, I can't deny that it's quite a good description of it. Which is why I am writing this post. An entire post dedicated to our new, beautiful, sofa.

I can stretch my legs out on this sofa.
I can curl up on it.
It's comfortable.
I can move cushions around and sit as I please.
Its smooth, smooth fabric.
Emily can climb up on her own. No need for moaning until I help her up.
She loves snuggling on it too. (Who can hate that?!)
I can hide the remote controls behind the cushions. Yay.
It's so comfortable.
I now love spending an evening watching a good movie.
Did I mention it's very comfortable?

Good move, I think. I don't miss our old sofas one little bit.

And speaking of movies, I watched Burlesque tonight. Loved it.

And Cam Gigandet? Yes please.

That is all. Good night! ;)


  1. Wow! I looks really nice and comfy

  2. I wholeheartededly agree on two counts.... Your new sofa is amazing and I want it.... And Cam? Yes please!!!!!

    Must watch burlesque now..... :-)

    1. I thoroughly recommend it, loved the music & choreography. Made me want to dance ;) x

  3. That looks so comfy! Hope I can introduce it to my bum soon ;)