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My Feet! They're Gone!

Last Saturday, the snow we were promised arrived and it stayed a short while. Once I got over my annoyance at the fact that the entire United Kingdom would probably grind to a halt because of a few inches of snow once again, I could look out the window at the beautiful sight and really enjoy it. I've now lost count of the amount of times I've experienced snow since we moved here but I still haven't quite gotten over the slight thrill of it.

But my excitement this year was mostly down to watching Emily's reaction the next morning.

Whilst in the safety of the living room, she was intrigued. Then we bundled her up and took her out into the garden, and intrigue turned to bewilderment...

What is this cold thing?
(We let her taste it)
Where have my feet gone?
Why is everything white?
What on earth is going on?!



  1. beautiful moments, beautifully captured :) xxx

  2. These are incredible gorgeous photos!!! Oh, she's a beauty, and you can just see her wonder. <3

    1. Thank you! :) I love that her face is SO expressive! :) xx