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Birdy Shuffle

We are planning a room reshuffle here in our home. Emily is getting a new room! 

And I get to design it afresh!

I'll give you a little hint....

We are planning to have it finished by the start of summer,
so look out for little updates in the meantime!



  1. You can get this pattern at the HOME shop! Lovley to hear all kids on the block get a new fresh room....mine decorated tomorrow and next week then its the final touches! Yay!:)) exciting lifes we live. Why will it take you that long?!is she going in a different room or same one?! Looking forward to see the finished product no doubt will be fabulous....

    1. Hi Maria! The material's already been bought but that's good to know in case I need any more, thanks! She'll be moving to a different room, we are essentially swapping her bedroom & the guest room around. Looking forward to seeing it finished :)

  2. sounds like a good plan! I am sure she will love it....I am excited mine is getting there!!!!boys will love it I just know. Zac has seen phase 1 today after painting and said...Wooow!he was so cute! Mx