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Quccija & Other Delights

I keep doing this. I plan to write about an event that I don't want to risk forgetting details of and take so long to get round to writing that it then feels silly to be writing about something that happened so long ago, so I just don't. But this was my daughter's first birthday and it was bad enough that she had to be sick through it. The least I can do is write about it.

They had a soft play party. The ball pit was always going to be a huge hit. This particular ball pit was big. It had us parents wishing we could get in there with the little ones. We didn't, but we can't promise we never will.

Emily really did do her best to have fun despite the fever and feeling generally pooey. Her nose leaked throughout the party and in most pictures she looks dazed. She held out until the cake...

...but there wasn't much energy after that. So a nap was on the cards and then her "quccija"

So let me recap for those of you not in the know. A Quccija is a Maltese coming of age tradition. On a baby's first birthday, he or she is presented with a selection of items that represent different walks of life. We tried to give it a modern touch.

Here's a quick run-through of what everything was meant to represent:
CD - Performing arts (music, dance, acting)
Thesaurus - Writer, Editor, etc
Pen - Law
Comb - Hairdresser, Beautician
Paintbrush - Artist
USB Stick - Computer-related
Wooden Spoon - Chef
Tripod - Photography
Credit Card - Banker, Businesswoman
Syringe - Medicine
Measuring Tape - Seamstress, Designer
Calculator - Accountant, Mathematician
Medal - Athlete (her Daddy wished!)
Hard Boiled Egg - A Full Life
[edit - oh no! I just realised I forgot anything to do with education!]

Photographer it is!

For the record, I had picked a hard boiled egg! :)

(The next day, she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. A week of antibiotics later, she finally seems like herself again and is finally enjoying being ONE!)


  1. That is such a fantastic tradition! So much fun :)! Hope Emily is feeling better by the day x

    1. She's back to being her happy self. I'd really missed her! :)

  2. LOL I see you left out the rosary bead/religious element ;)

    (I had picked the pen and hooked the rosary bead up with it!)

    1. hmmm yeah, while I'll be happy with "whatever" she chooses to be, wasn't too sure how pleased I'd be about her choosing up a bible or rosary bead, I'll admit! ;)

  3. I love the quccija tradition! She'll soon start taking her own pics for her own blog :)

    1. That'd be so cute. She can have my little camera, I never use it anymore!

  4. I think I had picked an egg too...or a calculator...not quite sure which :)

    1. I know SO many people who picked the egg! I wonder what it is about it that's so appealing to babies lol x

  5. She looks quite pleased with her tripod! Love her expression in the last photo. :)

  6. That's a fun tradition!

    And glad she's feeling better now :)

    1. It's quite funny, it's such an assumed thing to do during a first birthday party, that when people hear she's just turned one, I don't even get asked whether we had a "quccija", I just get asked "What did she pick?"

      Thanks :)

    2. I had never heard of them before! Interesting to hear how widespread they are amongst the Maltese.

      A quick google brought up quite a few accounts of quccijiet(?) - many from expats in other countries.

      And also this link: which might bring back memories :)

      What does "quccija" mean literally? What is the word derived from?

    3. I did stumble across that old link! So funny now looking back on that old website (and Bekah has grown SO much!!)

      I've been trying to think of the meaning actually. I have this funny feeling it has something to do with "hatching" but I can't for the life of me remember what "to hatch" is in Maltese!!! Will let you know when/if I find out though.