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The Humble Sleepsuit

I'm not one of those mums who refuses to dress her daughter in anything denim. I've heard the argument many a time: babies shouldn't wear jeans/jeans are for grown-ups. I don't technically agree. Denim is a material that can be comfortable. I draw the line at skinny jeans for babies (oh yes they do exist!) because that is just a ridiculous idea and the poor things just aren't able to sit up without being forced back down by the tight denim. Comfort is the name of the game here.

But baggy denim trousers? Why not?

Emily was seven weeks old when we began dressing her in day clothes - i.e. anything other than sleepsuits. I don't believe jeans were a part of her wardrobe that early on. Tiny little babies need softness. Denim can be a bit harsh. But by three months of age, she was certainly in her first (& omg so adorable!) pair of jeans. They were baggy and they were in fact the softest denim I've ever felt.

So that's my stance on that.

I've recently come to terms with tights. Until a few months ago, I couldn't bear the idea of Emily in tights. With so many nappy changes during the day, they were just far too fiddly to be putting on and taking off all the time. So she never wore them or skirts. Now, we have maybe 3 nappy changes in a day so I can deal with it and she wears skirts often.

It is clear to me by this stage that my choice of clothing for Emily is of a comfort nature. I love pretty things, but they need to be comfortable for her and practical for me. This would be the same reason she practically lived in rompers through the summer. She might live in rompers again next summer, we'll see.

But the one thing I know she will not be stepping out of anytime soon are sleepsuits for sleeping and lounging in. I love The Sleepsuit. To me, a baby in a sleepsuit is a baby in it's purest form. She can be as grown up as she likes during the day, but at night, she'll step into a sleepsuit and be my little baby again.

(Oh my, do you remember this? First Wash)

Image Source: via lauren stewart on Pinterest


  1. I remember the first wash really well!:-D and would you believe it but today was the first time I took Robin out in a sleepsuit (under a snowsuit) because we were in the car driving around in malta all day and I wanted her tO be comfortable otherwise they're just for sleeping in for me.

  2. I bought Aveline some little soft, stretchy leggings which look like denim jeans. ;-) They even have pockets in the back and a faux zipper flap in front! Tee heee....

  3. My little girl (16 months) wears jeans a lot. My favourite ones are lined inside with supersoft cotton. They're just so practical for an active little one who loves to climb on everything and get messy. I only put her in dresses for special occasions. I hate seeing little girls dressed up like fashion dolls, we don't do it to little boys so why little girls? I have to say we ditched sleepsuits when K started crawling as her legs would get bunched up inside the body. PJs are also much easier to put on a toddler who likes to run away!

    1. Exactly, about the jeans! The lining can be so soft, it's like being in cotton wool :) I am starting to really like dressing Emily in dresses - just casual ones, and a very particular style. She likes pulling her socks off so having her in tights ensures her feet don't get cold!

      You make a very valid point about sleepsuits and toddlers running away. Emily can't as yet but it won't be long now. I wonder if I'll change my mind about them soon after!