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Baby Sweepstakes

A few days ago we got talking on twitter about due dates. My official due date is the 2nd February, although it was originally the 8th February. I'll be full term on the 12th January. Of course, it's really anyone's guess - Emily will turn up whenever she wants to. (I've tried to get her to give me a sign as to when she plans on arriving, but alas, to no avail...)

So people got guessing over on twitter. And in all my efficiency, I started putting a spreadsheet together. But then it occurred to me that there might be a more fun way of doing this: Open it up to everyone, and offer a prize!

Here's how it's going to work. Leave a comment on this post with:
1. one date guess
2. one weight guess (in pounds and ounces)*
3. your email address


You may wish to choose to guess at just date or weight - up to you. Either way, make sure you leave your email address!

* If you'd like a picture for reference, use the latest ones here - and keep in mind I'm not very tall! (5'3")

There will be two winners. One will be the winning date guess and the other the winning weight guess. If the date/weight has been guessed by more than one person, I'll draw the winner using a random number generator. If no one has guessed the date/weight, then there's no win.

Please only submit one date and one weight guess per person!

The prize will be a scratch card (one for date, one for weight). Now, I only have access to UK or Malta scratch cards so prizes are unfortunately limited to persons in these countries. However, anyone else is more than welcome to make a guess - just for the fun of it!

Over to you - get guessing! This should be fun :)

[Thank you for your entries! Sweepstakes are now closed 19.01.11]



  1. Date guess: Monday 31st January
    Weight guess: 7lb 4oz

    eee :) xxx

  2. @GourmetMummy (Susan)3 January 2011 at 12:20:00 CET

    Date: February 10th (sorry!)
    Weight: 7lb 7oz
    I hope it is earlier than me guess though :)

  3. @GourmetMummy (Susan)3 January 2011 at 12:21:00 CET

    ^^My guess, rather than *me*

  4. 4th February. Good day - it's my 30th. As for weight, will take random guess at 7lb2oz (based on nothing more than liking the numbers)

  5. Sent via FB:

    Kate R: I think she will be born on the 2nd Feb at 8lb - perfectly efficient and proportioned just like her mummy :-)

    Russ H: Feb 4th. 8 lbs 9 oz. Ouch!! All the best to you both.

  6. 5th Feb
    8lb 5oz (sorry!)
    Don't want to post email publicly, but in the unlikely event that I've guessed correctly tweet me & I'll DM it to you.
    Good luck btw :)

  7. Date - 8th Feb
    Weight - 6lb 10oz

    Don't let me down Bebe!!
    All the best Clare, so excited x

  8. I recon it will come 9th (just to keep us all waiting) she will be 7lb 15 and she will be about 50cm. I also predict she will have brown lovley hair and beautiful blue eyes....:)))(which later will be brown). She will be gorgeous and I will really have to be kept away from her BIG TIME. I also bet I will be among the first ones to have the pleasure of knowing she is arriving as I am so near...:))) I will hear the screams...:)))
    Oh I am so excited....

  9. Oh my goodness you're on your way!

    I'm also expecting my little mister soon. He's due February 21st, but I have a feeling he might just surprise us and come early.

    Good luck to you!

    Big dinosaur hugs,
    Sisilia -

  10. date - 1st february, weight - 8lb 2oz. ah this is so exciting! :-D

  11. Hi Clare...I am going for the 6 February and weight I will say 6lb ane 9oz.
    Best of luck and hope to see you before you pop!

    You have my email address.


  12. Ufff, why don't I receive notifications on posts of this blog anymore?? :(

    Mela, for what it's worth, my guess is 3rd Feb, 8lb 1oz. I'm also not keen on posting my email addy online either, but you know it anyway ;)

  13. Hmm, I'll say 7th Feb and 7lb 10oz.
    Hoping for your sake you don't go over though!

  14. Date: 29th January (that's less than a month away :P But it's a Saturday which will be convenient ;)

    Weight: 7lb 8oz (Random guess obviously)

    littlemissg [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. Date: 25 Jan
    Weight: 7lb on the dot (whatever that is in kg)

    good luck!! xx

  16. 1. 22 Jan
    2. 7lb 6oz

  17. mkay soooo i don't know how the weight thing goes, so other people can guess that one ^^ she's going to arrive on the 6th february at 3 o clock, morning or afternoon =p xxx

  18. oooooh btw, i'm steffe not darwin, but it's cool anyway hehe

  19. that's 7lbs 0.87 oz btw.
    Why the hell haven't the British gone metric just like everyone else!!!!!!!

  20. I think they have, partially lol... personally lbs and ozs mean nothing to me, but that's what they weigh babies in and I don't think I'm going to feel like converting anything when she arrives :P

  21. ooh, I think you know my email address lol :)xx

  22. I think she'll be born onFebruary 9th and she will weigh around 7lbs 7oz.

  23. i didn't know the british did lbs & oz! i thought it was just the stupid americans that hadn't moved to metric. well, makes it easy for me :)

    I'd say February 1st and she'll weigh 7 lbs 5 oz.

    Can't wait to see Miss Emily.

  24. ooo. I have just found I can post on here now!! So I will re-iterate my guess for mini best be the right one!!
    February 1st... 7lbs 8 ozs.

  25. 7lbs 7oz (completely ignorant guess)
    28th January

  26. 6lbs 8oz and the 2nd of February :)

  27. Feb 1 (brothers birthday)
    6lb 15oz (my weight)

  28. I'm going for 6th Feb 7lbs 7oz

    I want to cry lol (if you want I'll come down and do a newborn shoot for you)

  29. Submitted via email:

    Michelle G: 31st January, 7lbs 5oz

  30. LUBI:
    I'm guessing Emily is going to be born on 04.02.2011 and will weigh 7lbs 9oz.


  31. 29 January weight 7lbs 10oz - completely random with the weight

    eeek x

  32. Via email:

    Norman A: 21st January 6lbs 10oz