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A Little List

Wine/Baileys/Martini/Pina Colada
Sleeping on my front
Getting out of the bath easily
Putting on my own socks
Bending down
Painting my toenails

...Need I explain? :)

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  1. Oh this is so cute! I wish I could just hand you all of these things :)

  2. Only a little bit more and then slowly you'll manage to do all the items on the list

  3. That is exactly what is on my list...sigh...not long to go now.. x

  4. i'd add eating without digestive problems, fitting into size 10 clothes again (LOOOOONG way to go for that), dying my hair the most vivid of reds, eating blue cheese and brie, carrying my daughter (even though she'll probably be too heavy for me by then), not freaking out every time i get sick and, hopefully, an end to the headaches.

  5. this is great. i totally felt the same about all of them! i was taking a bath last week and savored how easy it was to get out of the tub. soon, dear, soon!

  6. awww very very soon :) I am getting all excited, let alone you xx

  7. Clare honey! The real stuff only starts soon....the chances are first you won;t even want those things you will be marvelling at that little beauty etc...then little beauty will be marvelling at you and so you won;t have time and when you have time will be hard to choose what will be that you really want....:)))) Oh...enjoy peace and quite now....:)) It will be bliss...I know it will. MXX

  8. Lol - after all the recent falls, believe me, I'm going to LOVE being able to get out of the bath safely!!!

  9. I'm not going to lie, I miss my Libido (who is on holiday in Australia!) + missionary sex!!!
    I miss being able to turn over in bed without getting breathless!!

  10. Shauna! I am with you on missionary sex! Who would've thought it!

    I also miss pretty nighties and stilton cheese.
    Though not at the same time, lol :-)

  11. i haven't been holding back too much on cheese i must admit, i rarely eat it, but if its in the fridge and i wasnt a nibble, i dont diciplin myself! but yeah, i held my 'sexy' bras against my boobs the other day and they barely cover just the nipples let alone the whole set hahahah. i'm just reallyyyyy hoping i feel sexy on my wedding night. hahahahah. xxxx

  12. Lol you ladies crack me up... (not disagreeing though!!) x

  13. Oh but the first taste is so good after the self imposed exile. I had pate and just wanted more and more and more