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Of Antenatal Classes and Other Adventures

Christmas was my benchmark. It feels like now that it's over (why does it always pass so quickly anyway?), the floodgates are open and anything can happen when I least expect it - I feel a little bit like a ticking bomb. And strangely, while until a few days ago I was still somewhat terrified of things to come, I am now suddenly excited and (mostly) at peace with it all. Eager, even.

Yesterday saw me get down to business: I've finalised my birth plan (not that anyone will really look at it... I believe it's more for me and David to go into this with a clear mind than for anyone else), and have more or less finished packing my hospital bag.

Emily is very active lately, despite the decreasing amount of space (tell me about it). David and I sometimes just sit and watch her (well, my bump) tumble around, and all I wish for is a little window to be able to peak in and see what she's really up to. I can't wait to be able to hold her and snuggle her.

For the record, our NCT classes proved to be invaluable. We'd heard so many jokes (literally) about the NCT misguiding women, and perhaps this is sometimes true. However we were lucky enough to have a rather unbiased and really lovely group leader called Rachel, who, despite of course having her own opinions about things, didn't force anything upon us and was more than glad to provide us with whatever information we requested. I'd recommend these classes to anyone who's expecting in the UK.

So there it is: As I end this whirlwind of a year bouncing on my gym ball, feeling like a small elephant and running (in the way a penguin would run) to the loo every 20 minutes, I know there'll never be another year quite like 2010!

Here's hoping your year ends positively, dear reader, and that 2011 brings everything you wish for! x


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