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Project "Fill the Freezer"

Right, the time has come to start thinking about filling my freezer with meals for "afterwards." Anyone would think planning this would be a piece of cake for someone like me but if I could put it off until the last minute I probably would. Which is why I've sat myself down and forced myself to think up a list of things I can make that will freeze nicely to be eaten in a few weeks' time.

People are very kind and there's already been talk of food being brought over, but anyone with food allergies will know it's much easier said than done. Sure, I can say "mind the garlic", and people will very kindly oblige (while wondering how on earth I live, I know), but very few know to check ingredients of ingredients. And that's generally where it all goes pear-shaped. So for this reason, I am generally quite reluctant to accept food cooked for me that hasn't come with an ingredients label attached to it, as prissy as that may sound.

So I need to get cracking.

Here is my plan:
Bolognese Sauce (with about a kilo worth of mince!!)
Sweet Potato Soup
Kidney Bean Soup
Penny Soup (and a good stock of pitta bread to go with all three)
Tuna Cakes (the only way I'll eat fish)
Ross il-Forn (a Maltese rice dish)

This, in addition to a good amount of pre-packaged frozen supermarket meals and general frozen goods, David making roasts at the weekends, and a small but trusted amount of recipes I know I can throw together quickly, makes me think we'll survive Emily's arrival.

Perhaps my question should more realistically be: do I have enough containers to freeze everything in?!



  1. Wow best of luck with that! As someone who shares their life with a food allergy afflicted partner, I can totally feel your pain!

  2. And do you have enough space in the freezer? :)

  3. Freeze anything that needs reheating in the oven in a foil dish - use and throw away! As for soups and sauces, I have a good trick! Line a freezer box with a freezer bag and fill with soup/sauce that needs freezing, freeze and when solid remove the bag from the container and repeat the process as often as necessary! Good luck and happy cooking! xx

  4. Lasagne was a great one for me, I cut it up into portions and froze seperately. You could also consider buying mini freezer boxes now ready for weaning. I've got these - - which I use to freeze pureed fruit and veg in, but I'm sure you could use it for youself. Good luck!!!

  5. Don't forget about things like pie and stew. And I second the foil containers comment.

  6. Giselle - another very valid point! Though I think I should be ok in that respect!

    Jackie - Genius, pure genius. Cannot thank you for that bag trick enough!!!

  7. Book Kitten - Lasagne, absolutely! I forgot that one! Thank you for the reminder and the tip - such cute boxes too!

    Davinia - Will you believe I've never made stew nor pie?! Not sure I fancy experimenting much right now.

  8. Thank you, lovelies - knew I could rely on you for some tips and suggestions!

  9. my main concern would be that of giselle. but since you're sorted with space, then it's ok! good luck...i'm freaking out already and am not even halfway there!

  10. Pasta Bolognese is one of my favorites! And it does sound as if someone is nesting..... :)

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  12. I just saw this and immediately thought of your post.

  13. Oooh nesting is definitely happening now! Though I'm mostly surprised at myself re the Christmas decorations - I've NEVER been in such a rush to get everything down!!

    Cola - another great idea, thank you so much!

  14. Perhaps said friends could donate freezer space too?:)

  15. Anything you can eat with one hand is great. I made lots on mince based things, chilli, lasagne, bolignease. Also casaroles are great, you can steam a big batch of veg and then add them to the meat. Mini Pizza's, toasties. It is a real must. I filled both my freezers before the boys were born and it really made a big difference

  16. It sounds like a war is coming! Sure all will go well and you will not starve!:) Maltese never die of starvation!:)

  17. ... best of luck with that! As someone who suffers with a food allergy ,I can totally feel your pain!
    It is a hard road...but is possible to make life easier by planning ahead.

  18. I agree with Jen (mad house) anything with one hand, you will be amazed how much you hold the baby and eat!

  19. Wow, I never expected this amount of feedback - shows how passionate we all are about our food haha!

    Thank you ALL for your excellent advice, all taken on board, cooking still ongoing and quite enjoying it! :)

  20. my list so far cosists of:

    Curry - various
    Lasagne portions
    Beef Stew

    and thats as far as i've got!! when we went to ikea there was 17containers for like £3.99 or something fantastic, so im gonna start the big freeze soon!!! Definitely a good idea :)xxx

  21. Brilliant idea! I have a lot to do, don't I?

  22. I imagine we'll definitely appreciate our own effort later ;) haha x