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Dear Emily

It's been almost 9 months since you came to be (and far longer that I've dreamt of you). These months have been a rollercoaster. I've been ill, I've been weak, I've had to give things up, and then I felt great, but never for one moment have I regretted you. It's all been worth it. And I already know that the moment I hold you in my hands the first time, it'll reaffirm what I already know.

I've felt you tumble around since week 19... I won't ever forget that most precious moment when I felt that first kick against my belly. You've made me laugh and you've filled me with inexorable happiness. I love you immensely, my little hiccuping princess.

Your Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. (Everything is ready, it's just up to you now...) He's madly in love with you already, totally infatuated. You've reacted to his voice and his very presence since week 20, which makes me quite sure the feeling is mutual. Such a little Daddy's Girl!

We will continue to sing to you, and dance with you. You seem to like that. We will undoubtedly gaze at you in awe and disbelief. A lot. And we'll get things wrong sometimes. Go easy on us, we'll figure it out eventually. But rest assured, you're in good hands.

Now hurry up and get here, Little One. Let us finally put a face to our amazing Emily.

Inspired by and thanks to Beak Tweets and First Time For Everything.

[image is one of my maternity shoot photos]


  1. Aaaw that is just beautiful!

    And a few months from now, when your little Emily starts hitting all those milestones and you cannot believe how much she has grown, it will certainly be something very special to read all over again.

  2. There's something you don't know yet. You love her now and you cry when you think about how life is and has been.

    Soon like you say she will be in your arms. Your heart will feel like it might burst. You will stare in awe every single thing will amaze you, her eyelashes and her little nails. Each breath she takes as you watch her chest rise and fall.

    You are shortly to experience a love that only we as parents will ever experience it's totally amazing. And despite my moaning, every night I watch each of my children's chests rise and fall and I whisper to them how much I love them. And my heart still feels like it will burst.

  3. yeah - a beautiful read! awwww!!!! come on Emily :) you're wonderful mummy is dying to meet you. Can't wait til she comes Clare, and to hear all about her! Sounds like you and the daddy are going to be amazing xxxxx

  4. such a sweet letter! i can't wait to put a face to a name, and i'm not even her momma!

    ps thanks for the link up :)

  5. So, so beautiful.
    Can't wait for Emily to be here, and it wont be long now...She is so lucky to have you as parents.
    You will be wonderful, just like she already is.

    Thank you for the mention, crying again - naturally x

  6. This had me in tears ... what an amazing time in life! Enjoy every second :-)

    Oh, and one of my daughters is named Emily ... it's a good, strong name ;)

  7. awww clare, i'm all misty-eyed! the part where you mention how her daddy loves her did it for me. It means a lot to someone like me. You can add a postscript to the letter...we're all dying to put a face to the name!

  8. I'm bookmarking this post because it's really beautiful and Emily is such a lucky little girl, having you guys as parents. Can't wait to see photos.

    PS. I think she'll be here by Saturday. Then again, I also guessed she was a boy, so I am probably wrong :-P xx

  9. Awww this is so touching! You should show it to her when she's old enough to understand :)


  10. " And we'll get things wrong sometimes. Go easy on us, we'll figure it out eventually. But rest assured, you're in good hands." That had me in tears. God only knows what that is like!!! We get training for everything except how to be parents cos each child has a different character, and different needs. And the parents are left more bewildered than ever, for ever, even when the kids flee the nest.
    With each child we had, we felt God was entrusting us with yet another of His treasures. I guess that is a great confidence boost once we had 5!!!! I am still bewildered ;)

  11. I just heard on Twitter that you have had your Emily, congratulations! I am sure she is everything you have dreamed of and more.

    This letter really struck a chord with me, I wrote a very similar one to my unborn baby who we called Squigler when he was due back in July 2009 ( I loved re-reading it a year later. Now I am pregnant again and I am sure I will write the same for this little baby.

  12. It's so amazing reading all these comments a year later. Not sure why I hadn't replied to comments back then - I assume I was a bit busy first nesting then mothering! But, even if it's ridiculously late, thank you for these comments. I loved reading them then, and now. x