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By Popular Request

A few people have asked for Bump pictures... and I will gladly oblige :) I haven't been very good with weekly photos, mostly because there hasn't really been that much to photograph until the last couple of weeks - especially the last week, when I seem to have had two very distinct growth spurts. Last Saturday, I'm quite sure that had I sat there watching my tummy all day, I'd actually have seen it grow.

Here, ladies and gents, is Bump today at 19 weeks!


(Please excuse the very pasty look - I hadn't quite woken up yet...)

My appetite has grown with the bump. Which is a good thing now that the nausea has finally subsided. I've barely put on a kilo since I got pregnant, so it's about time that changed slightly!

Today also marks a very special day as I believe I've just felt the baby move. I've been getting very impatient waiting for this moment and I can't quite believe it may have finally happened! Words can't describe...

(From Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Lesley Regan)

... 3 weeks till we find out whether it's a girl or a boy!


  1. OMG you are tiny! watcha been talking about!!! very cute!

  2. Eeeek! I love the bump! :) You look great. xoxo

  3. Lol Nat, I know - My perspective from up top is obviously slightly exaggerated!!

    Thanks Ashley! xx

  4. Hello there, love..! I personally think that a woman looks prettiest when she is pregnant. You have given the gift of life, please take care of your baby and yourself. It excites me that you felt your darling moved..! I can only imagine the joy. Y'know what, you should get someone who takes gorgeous photos to photograph you and your tiny darling artistically..!

    Much love,
    Ana Jonessy

  5. This is very nice and very special! It is indeed very exciting each step of the way...just watch out he/she will soon kicking when likes or dislikes food and drinks you consume....I used to get loads of kicks from apple the trouble was did not know if it was dislike or kept eating them....cause I did.:))
    Ah it is indeed exciting....can;t wait to feel her/him!:) Hope you had a fun filled day. Did your friend come?! XX

  6. this is so exciting! now that you've started feeling it everything will change...for the better obviously! enjoy every single moment because you'll miss these days. and you look great, you really do!

  7. You look beautiful, and not a bit pasty. There is nothing like feeling the movement inside... you feel like, okay, you're there, you're alive and okay. And when you can get your husband's hand to feel the movement too I feel like it becomes really real to them then too.

    Wishing you everyday of joy and love through this.


  8. That is beyond cute :) Take care of yourself, you look great xxx

  9. You're looking beautiful :)
    I'm so excited for you!

  10. This is quite strange. The baby bump pictures actually made me teary eyed! lol I guess a lot of emotions from my pregnancy came up. But more than anything, I can't believe how time flies. How I met you through a blog and here I am now witnessing your move, your engagement, your marriage, your new home and now your first child! It is UNBELIEVABLE! I am so happy for you my friend. I truly wish you all the happiness in the world. Bless you, your husband and that beautiful baby you have growing in your belly. You deserve all the joy!

  11. Thank you all for your touching comments, love every word! Thank you so much xxxxx

  12. Gosh, i am so happy to see your soon baby :)
    Believe the pregnant mama looks more beautifull :)

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    I will tell you asap after i get it :)

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