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The Calm Season


Well it's officially not summer anymore. As I've made very clear before, this isn't a bad thing. I've always had a love affair with autumn. The crisp air, the need for longer sleeves (but not yet jackets), the beautiful colours. My birthday... along with another four family birthdays. Autumn always meant parties, presents, smiles. It also meant getting ready for school, which after a long hot summer was never entirely a bad thing. Fresh books, new stationery - everything made the idea all the more exciting.

Nowadays, school doesn't feature any longer. But it still means birthdays and family and parties. It also starts to mean subtle Christmas preparations - although the shops aren't being so subtle and already have their turkeys and puddings out, and pubs and restaurants are advertising Christmas lunches.

I love autumn because it's a season of anticipation. A season of calm excitement, when the world is toning down and preparing for the long, cold winter ahead. It's a season of spices and apples and cinnamon. It's a season of blankets and books and warm mugs of tea, outdoors. It's a season of loved ones and friendship and second chances. It's perfection, in every way possible.



  1. what a lovely way of putting it! pity it's still hot here but i see what you mean. it will be just like you described in a month or so.

  2. I am so interested to see autumn soon. I love the way you describe autumn perfectly.
    Anw, i already received the prize, i do love it !
    Next month, i will go to Europe, and i plan to use the nailpolish ! :) :) :)
    I will review your prize soon in my blog :)

    Anw, i have a giveaway too in my blog, i hope you also join and try your luck too. Thank you dear :)

  3. Mau - Ironically, these last two days have been uncharacteristically warm! But the point is, warm or not, it's autumn and that alone puts me into autumn mode. It doesn't NEED to be fresh :)

    Liz - very glad that you like the gift! I did check out your giveaway - if I'm honest it's not really something I'd use myself (not my style) so I'd rather give someone else the chance :)