The End

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accidentally, kle: A Brief History

It all started in 1999. I knew little about web design or html but my uncle spotted my enthusiasm and provided me with the tools. The rest, some would say, is history.

The original site was - it no longer exists. It was a collection of family websites, and it was my job to coordinate and actually get it all online. Unfortunately, by 2005 the hosting company closed down and went offline. A while later, electronic kle (e_kle) came into existence. The site is still online and will probably be left there until the internet gods decide its time is up. Feel free to have a look around (but keep in mind that it hasn't been updated since 2006 - a LOT has changed since then).

After the move to England, I felt the need to have something dedicated to keeping friends and family updated, as well as to provide me with a fresh start to the website project. And after much deliberation, was born and was mostly a photo album website, with some other information and a link to the blog, then hosted by

Over the next few years, my interest in the website dwindled. I still love the design element, but my heart was no longer in much other than the writing. So in 2009, the entire website became the blog, and here we are today :)

(the original header)

The name 'accidentally kle' only came to be in 2006. Apart from needing a change from the original 'electronic kle' theme, 'accidentally kle' seemed more than a little appropriate. My life has a habit of twisting and turning in ways I could never imagine. The name just fit!

As for the nickname, kle, that came about one night at a bar in Paceville, Malta back in 2001. Giselle, Tonio and I were seated around a table having a very inspiring conversation about phonetics (!!), initiated by Giselle who'd recently been studying phonetics at university. We decided to spell everyone's names in phonetics and personalise our cardboard coasters. And well, it kinda stuck.

The actual pronunciation then (and I've heard a variety of versions over the years!), is the way you see it: kle, like Clare.